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ALBUM REVIEW: Lila Blue – Leave Me Be

ALBUM REVIEW: Lila Blue – Leave Me Be

BEST TRACKS: Grown Bones, Somber Silence, Indigo

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Lila Blue is not your average hippy dippy folk singer. Leave Me Be is by far the darkest, eeriest, most macabre folk album that I’ve ever heard. Music is Lila Blue’s entire life, and she has even traded her childhood for this, writing music since the age of 8. Now, at the young age of 20, she has released her third album, containing a power and intensity that would have made you think it was written by someone much older.

Blue’s voice changes styles astonishingly quickly, multiple times within the same song. In the first track, Grown Bones, Blue sings the line “hurricanes and lukewarm soup” with a sweet and beautiful intonation, but the way she growls the lyrics two lines down, “mama pushed you down the river in her favorite basket” sounds downright insidious. Adding to the frightening mood of this album are the suspenseful, discordant strings and deep, booming, rhythmic drums. This music makes me think of acres of burning cornfields and demonic symbols written in blood on the walls.

In this album, I feel the sweetness of youth and the pains that come with growing up and having to take on different roles in life. I especially felt this in the 5th track, Somber Silence, in which you’ll hear Lila Blue helplessly wailing “I can’t stop and I can’t go, I can’t go on, I can’t go on…” over and over again in the chorus. I appreciate that this song ends on a strong note: in the last chorus, the lyrics are changed to “I will go on”. The 8th track, Indigo, is about the apprehensions of growing old with someone, and then falling out of love and losing touch with your children, and forgetting what it was like to be young.

This album will bring out your deepest anger and fear.