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Band of the Week: Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy is just one of those bands that never get old; you never get tired of hearing any songs from the nearly 30-year catalog. Hailing from Ludvika, Sweeden, Hypocrisy formed in 1991 and is an important figure in the awesome metal (death and black) that has been pouring out of the Old Norse countries. They have spent their entire career on Nuclear Blast Records (which is saying a lot) – 12 studio albums, 4 EPs, one compilation album, and 2 live albums.

For the first two records (Penetralia in 1992 and Osculum Oscenum in 1993) Magnus Broberg handled writing lyrics and spewing gutturals and growls. These two records were simply and purely death metal. Broberg left in 93’ because of a ruptured eardrum, and later took part in forming Dark Funeral. Thus, in 93’ Peter Tagtgren (guitars) took over both the lyrical content and the vocal duties. At this point, Hypocrisy shifted toward melodic Death Metal and hit their stride.

With Tagtgren at the helm, the band’s discography is impressive: The Fourth Demension (1994) – featuring the first Death Metal ballad I have ever heard! Abducted (1996), The Final Chapter (1997), Hypocrisy (1999), Into the Abyss (2000), Catch 22 (2002), The Arrival (2004), Virus (2005), A Taste of Extreme Divinity (2009) and, End of Disclosure (2013).

Presently, Hypocrisy is Tagtgren (guitar, vocals), Mikael Hedlund (bass), Reidar “Horgh” Horghagen (drums) and live guitarist Tomas Elofsson. Tagtgren is also a producer, as owner of The Abyss studios, where he has worked with the likes of Sabaton, Dimmu Borgir, Immortal, Amon Amarth, Skyfire, Children of Bodom, Amorphis, and Celtic Frost, etc.

Favorite songs spanning the hypocrisy catalog: The Fourth Dimension, Valley of the Damned, Adjusting the Sun, Eraser, Let the Knife Do the Talking, Weed Out the Weak, Roswell 47, End of Disclosure, 44 Double Zero, Hell is Where I Stay, When Death Calls.

Stay Metal,