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It Is What It Is Album Review

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My favorites: I Love Louis Cole, Black Qualls, Dragonball Durag, Fair Chance

Hello all you cool thundercats and thunderkittens (sorry), I hope everyone is staying motivated and well-rested. Today, I want to discuss my thoughts about Thundercat’s new album, as well as a little bit of an artist background. 

Stephen Lee Bruner, better known as Thundercat, has a long and diverse history in the music industry. He happened to be born to Ronald Bruner, Sr. who worked with iconic soul musicians like Diana Ross and The Temptations. From being in a boy band to working on the iconic album To Pimp A Butterfly, Bruner has gained prominence in the industry and has absorbed musical influence from a multitude of genres. Thundercat’s past works include the well-known album Drunk and features on albums by Flying Lotus and Mac Miller.

It Is What It Is has a funky and soulful vibe, and many of its tracks are more playful than Bruner’s past discography. The album has a surprising amount of artists featured like Ty Dolla $ign and Louis Cole. I especially love how each different voice comes together on Black Qualls, and I adore the vocals Childish Gambino and Steve Lacy provide. As one can expect, this album continues Thundercat’s trend of creating jazzy beats and rough, unfinished-sounding vocals. He delves into great emotional depth within this album. On Existential Dread he falsettos “I’m not sure, of what’s comin’ next/ But I’ll be alright.” The song fades perfectly into It Is What It Is, where Bruner wistfully sings out “So many things I want to say/ This is the end.” What impactful lyrics for all of us to consider at this time, when so much of the future is unsure. I find the questions of existence and love in the lyricism throughout the album to help guide me in my path of calmness amongst the calamity. 

Hope you all enjoyed! Let me know what you think of this album. 

– Miranda 

By Miranda

I am a senior in Political Science at NC State and lover of R&B, rap, international, and electronic.