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Podcast Recommendations

We find ourselves in unprecedented times so I curated this list of podcast recommendations of shows that will inspire you, provoke you, or make you laugh (or cry). With more of us (shout out essential workers) staying at home amid these anxious times there is need and yearning for connection. Let’s connect through the most fundamental human art form storytelling, stories provide us with a means to connect, inspire, and many more wonderful things. This list was curated with my personal favorite podcasts that I believe everyone will find interesting featuring shows about big ideas, to shows about the small interpersonal stories that tug at your heartstrings. So, let’s find a new podcast to binge!

Ministry Of Ideas

A small podcast about big ideas “that shape our society” from spiritual machines and transhumanism to the need to have an economy based on grace, this podcast tackles the big questions of society and definitely will engage you intellectually and broaden your perspective on various interesting topics.


A thrilling podcast about the dark side of history every two weeks host Aaron Mahnke explores true life scary stories. Well produced and well narrated this podcast is a very entertaining podcast that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Myths and Legends

Jason Weiser brings humor to classic myths and legends that we may or may not be familiar with. Jason Weiser narrates myths from different cultures from classical Greek to India and everything in between, think you know these classic stories? Well, listen to these classic stories with a witty spin.

Serial/This American Life

This American Life is a podcast about stories specifically American stories with content so diverse it’s hard to put into a few sentences. Check this podcast out for great stories that can inspire you, make you laugh and can definitely make you cry.

Serial is a podcast from the creators of This American Life is another podcast about stories, Serial takes one story over a season exploring different angles and depths of the particular story making it an engaging podcast that millions of listeners have enjoyed.

Civics 101

A podcast about civics, civics is so important to our lives that a podcast refreshing us about how our government works is so important. Even if you do not consider yourself a political person you should at least have fundamental knowledge of how government works and this podcast is a great resource.

This Land

An assassination in 1889 and 1999 murder case crimes decades apart play into an important supreme court case in 2019 that involves half of Oklahoma and five tribes. This Land is a limited series podcast that explores the background of a supreme court case that could be the biggest tribal land restoration.


The supreme court sucks! According to this podcast anyway, From the people who brought you Slow Burn this podcast explores different landmark court cases that involve hot topic issues like affirmative action, gun rights, and campaign finance hosts Peter, Michael, and Rhiannon breakdown the ideological battles in the courtroom through a progressive lens.

Wolverine Podcast

A scripted podcast from Marvel featuring one of its cornerstone heroes Wolverine, for my comic book fans and non comic book fans Wolverine the Long Night is a great gateway into the world of scripted podcasts.

The Left Right Game

A scripted podcast starring and co-produced by Tessa Thompson, the engaging story is worth a listen but it is backed up by amazing production with immersive audio; this story offers not just an suspenseful mystery story but an experience.

Jemele Hill Is Unbothered  

An Original Podcast on Spotify featuring award winning journalist Jemele Hill. Jemele Hill interviews a who’s who in the entertainment industry but also politicians and activists to have interesting conversations.

Becoming Wise

In short episodes, most are less than 10 minutes, host Krista Tippett explores various topics that will make you wiser through the many interesting conversations she has with interesting people from Brene’ Brown to John Lewis become more wise with this podcast.

Optimal Relationships Advice

Optimal Living Daily is an audioblog where they narrate content to you and this particular audioblog is about relationships. And not just romantic relationships, although those are covered too, but other relationships everything from friendships and parenting. Get the best relationships content read to you for free, best deal ever.

How’s Work With Esther Perel

Couples therapist Esther Perel explores relationships at the workplace, from startups to family business and everything in between. In one time therapy sessions between co workers, co founders, and colleagues Perel unpacks the invisible forces that impact our relationships at work.  

Good For You

Comedian Whitney Cummings interviews guests (friends, comics, celebs etc) every week. These interviews are never boring as Cummings comedic background is in full effect with every interview, listen for laughs….and more laughs.

Good One A Podcast About Jokes

A podcast about jokes sounds funny right but it is funny and informative. What makes a good joke? That is what this podcast is all about as comics break down their best jokes and find out what makes a good joke, you might see your comedic skills improve too.

Zig Zag

A business podcast about the changing course of capitalism? Sign me up, this podcast hosted by Manoush Zomorodi and Jen Poyant this podcast will help you understand a multitude of things from cryptocurrency to identity at work and how work is changing plus many more pertinent topics to the modern workplace and modern life.