Concert Review

Knocked Loose, Stick To Your Guns, Rotting Out, Candy, and SeeYouSpaceCowboy @Cat’s Cradle

Last Saturday (10/26) I had the privilege of seeing the litany of bands listed in the title. Obviously, it was a stacked lineup. Knocked Loose has been making waves for quite a bit now, and their recent album, A Different Shade of Blue, shows exactly why. It was my first time seeing them, and they made an excellent first impression. Stick To Your Guns was also great, although I had never really listened to them before. They brought a super positive energy that only a few bands can manage to do. It was also my first time seeing Rotting Out, West Coast legend with a fully latinx lineup. Their vocalist, Wally, is also a powerlifting monster so his stage presence was top notch. They were one of the bands that initially got me into hardcore, so finally being able to see them live was a real treat. Speaking of treats, how about Candy. They’ve also been gaining major traction, and as of their last single “Super-Stare” are signed to Relapse Records. They have origins in Richmond so you already know they’re going to be great. This was my fifth time or so seeing them, but this was one of the largest crowds I’ve seen them play to and the energy was through the roof. SeeYouSpaceCowboy opened, and anyone who showed up late definitely missed out on perhaps the heaviest set of the night. Their unique vocal style and penchant for a more mathy metalcore led to a unique and intense set. Along with this, their guitarist is local to N.C. All in all, the show was amazing and although way more crowded than the typical area hardcore show, it still had the same tight-knit energy that any legitimate show within the scene should have. As for other local shows, one huge one coming up is at Break Time in Winston-Salem on November 12th. The bill includes Sanction, Queensway (who just put out an absolutely insane EP-keep your eyes peeled for a review), Vatican, Fuming Mouth, Riot Stares, and The Burning Wind. Thanks for reading.

-Dylan McGee