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Album Review: OTXmas – Shoreline Mafia

No matter where you hear this album, whether it is in the car, at the club, or in the library while cramming for that exam you should’ve started studying for days ago, you won’t be able to stop banging your head to these insanely smooth hip hop beats.  There are only two words to describe The best Christmas album ever released and that is one, west, and two, coast.  From the bouncy high hats to the G-Funk-like Bass, OTXmas by Shoreline Mafia oozes west coast hip hop.  You could close your eyes, choose any song on this album, crank up the volume on your sound system and the house party will be bumping.

If Occupied is not your anthem then you aren’t living right.  This song preaches quitting your nine to five and getting face tatts.  Whether you take the words literally or not is up to you… but live out your wildest dreams.

If you’re into Hip-hop and party music you’ll love this album right off the bat.  There’s something about the combination between the synth and bass in each song that gets you pumped no matter what mood you are in before you hit play.  This is indeed an album full of slappers.

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-Matt DeGeorge