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EP Review: Live Fast Die Whenever – $uicideBoy$

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EP Review: Live Fast Die Whenever

If you want to listen to something that will make you want to throw your kitchen furniture through your perfectly nice glass door look no further.  The $uicideBoy$ newest EP Live Fast Die Whenever is a rare mix of musical realms that most hip hop artists do not dare enter into.  The EP includes songs split between horrorcore, heavy metal and hip hop.  The hip hop duo worked with the very talented drummer Travis Barker from the famous punk group Blink-182 and James Schaffer, the cofounder of Korn to create an EP that, for lack of better words, is absolutely FILTHY (in a good way)! 

Killing 2 Birds With 22 Stones is, itself alone, a perfect representation of the sounds that make up this EP.  It is a perfect split between a hardcore heavy metal frenzy and a dark, smooth, and bass heavy hip hop flow that the $uicideBoy$ are known for.  If somebody wrote a textbook on the kind of song you need to open a concert, this would be the only thing in said book.

This is one of those projects that has to grow on you.  Initially I did not like the different hardcore vibe that this EP includes because I lean toward the usual overdriven hip hop style that the duo is known for but when you are in the right mood or the right place, dare I say… this EP slaps.  I would recommend this album to anybody who is into Hardcore, Metal, or Hip Hop

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-Matt DeGeorge