New Album Review

Album Review- Stuffed and Ready by Cherry Glazerr

This band is one of my all time favorites. They are the perfect combination of rock, punk and girl power. This album reflects feelings of depression, anger and isolation. It is my go to album to play in the car while I’m driving and scream out the lyrics. You can hear the despair and anger in Clementine Creevy’s voice and the lyrics are beautifully written.

My favorite songs from this album are Daddi, Isolation, and Stupid Fish. This album is unlike any others that Clementine has written. The flows and transitions between songs are genius and the use of the instruments is magnificent. The guitar and the drums stand out to me the most on this album. The lyrics are incredibly impacting and you can easily relate to them if you have ever felt depressed, lonely or angry towards someone. All of the songs are unique in their own way and have their own little twist to them.  

I recommend this to any edgy punk girl looking to find some empowerment. Clementine is a true badass and this band is amazing live. I got to see them perform this amazing album with their other great songs in Asheville this summer at the Orange Peel. I was looking forward to moshing hard but it was more of light pushing and swaying, which was not what I was expecting. This band and this album blew my mind and my expectations.


Layla Ejlali AKA DJ Icy Indigoooo