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Album Review: Kublai Khan – Absolute

All I can say is… WOW!!!  KUBLAI KHAN REALLY DIDN’T HAVE TO GO THAT HARD. This is a masterpiece of a record, in my opinion. This entire album is pure anger and aggression and I am here for it. The listener gets a taste of what is to come on this record with the opening track, Armor of Goddamn, which immediately flows into one of my favorite songs on the record, Boomslang. This song is full of chunky riffs, backed up with Matt Honeycutt’s (vocalist) aggressive growling. There is a nasty breakdown in this song after Honeycutt yells “Shut the f*** up” and you will automatically start jamming.

This theme of chunky riffs, nasty breakdowns, and Honeycutt yelling “F*** you,” “motherf***** and my favorite “I don’t even f****** like you b****” which is in the song Us & Them is seen throughout the entire album. This album is a beating and is guaranteed to be kept on repeat. The intensity doesn’t stop at all, each and every song is a beating and will for sure get you moving. Each song makes me want to flip a table and start hardcore dancing.

Each track is as strong and as heavy as the next. This album is pure perfection and in every song you can hear the intensity within the music and the passion within Honeycutt’s lyrics. The overall sound is rich and unblemished. Every song is a bop and especially Self-Destruct. This song has all the elements listed above but it’s breakdown is so groovy that I can already see the hardcore kids in the pit spinning around in circles, swinging their arms. If you don’t headbang and jam to every song off this album, well… there is something wrong with you.

This album is short, heavy, and to the point. I will say that this record is their absolute best (pun was definitely intended).

Favorite songs: I want to say every song but the ones that really stand out to me are – Boomslang, Us & Them, Self-Destruct, and my absolute favorite, High Hopes.

Rating: 10/10

What is your favorite song off of Absolute?

Stay Metal,