Concert Review

College Radio Day


College Radio Day was this October 4th and WKNC celebrated it at The Wicked Witch with a live set from Secret Shame, Green Aisles and Flood District. Sadly, I couldn’t stay around the whole show but I did see Green Aisles and Flood District, and they put on a really good show. I loved the atmosphere of the event. It was just small enough to feel relaxed but still hype enough to engage the crowd and make the show feel intimate. The music was memorable and the event overall was a worthy experience. 

I arrived a bit early and got to see meet of the band members while they were chilling around before the show started. The picture above is actually Flood District, and I got the chance to speak to some of the band members for a bit before the show started. They were super chill, funny and inviting and it made a good show feel even better. Everyone who performed was super kind and their interactions with the crowd all felt very genuine, it just added to the intimate and relaxed vibes going around. 

I went to the show alone, but it was so welcoming that it never felt awkward or off. Everyone was pretty inviting and I spoke to a lot more people than I would at other shows. Not that I have anything against big venue shows, but I think that there is definitely a place in the music world that needs these more intimate shows, and I’m totally here for it. It was a perfect way to celebrate College Radio Day. Cause I mean, we are the best in college radio.

– DJ Psyched