Festival Coverage

Shouts to Shakori: A listening experience

Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain blasted out of my friend’s tiny car, which was full of tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks. We were speeding towards Shakori Hills. The grassroots music festival in the lovely Pittsboro wilderness has been an institution for 16 years. This would be my first time camping during the festival which takes place twice a year, in the spring and the fall. Shakori hosts all kinds of musicians and acts and I was ready to explore some new bands. We had reached the end of our journey and piled out of the car into a field. It only got hippier from there. 

Shakori is oriented in a circle with food vendors and camping connecting the four main stages. I decided to forgo the schedule and just walk around the circle until I heard something I was interested in. One of the bands that caught my attention was People Of Earth. Their alt-rock and jazz-influenced music had the crowd jamming out and was a welcome change of pace from the bluegrass and country that the festival is known for. I heard TerraBANG from across the grounds. I was immediately intrigued by lead singer Jameilyara Moore’s smooth vocals. The upbeat and funky songs had me floating away (Checkout their song Art School Drop out). My favorite performer of the weekend might have to be Roosevelt Collier. You could see his beaming smile from a mile away and his music was just as infectious. Collier shreds on the lap steel guitar and completely stole the show with groovy almost grunge take. 

There is something to be said about the environment of the Shakori, everyone knows they are in a special place and it shows with the absolute kindness and generosity of the volunteers and even the attendees. It felt like fall for the first time that weekend, the weather was the perfect backdrop for the festival. Definitely count on seeing me there in the spring 🙂 Happy Shakori! 

-Lil Witch xoxo