Festival Coverage

vitamin e’s electronic music roundup baby!!

 its that time of year again folks! Here is the WKNC Afterhours approved lineup for the top 6 best electronic shows for the hopscotch weekend

  1. Channel Tres-  my #1 electronic show of the weekend, def going to be a good, super funky house music set: Friday, Imurj at 12:30am

  2. Spelling- Oakland, CA based artist, makes dreamy soul music with some electronic undertones: Saturday, Neptunes at 11pm

  3. Zah- Brooklyn, NY DJ and artist: Saturday, Wicked Witch at 11:30pm

  4. Shormey- Chesapeake, VA based artist,  makes light and sunny electronic music: Saturday, Imurj at 9pm

  5. Oak city slums-  Raleigh based DJ: Friday, Imurj at 11:30pm

  6. Gudiya- Raleigh based artist: Saturday, Wicked Witch at 8:30pm

stay dry out there n dance a lot everybody :0)
vitamin e