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WKNC Hopscotch Day Party Artist Feature: Emily Musolino

With Hopscotch right around the corner, and WKNC’s Day Party at Legends following closely in its wake– how better to promote both events than by give y’all a lil’ insight into our Day Party Line-up!

WKNC’s Day Party description is as follows.

This year has been full of milestones, and WKNC aims to celebrate them all. 2019 held Raleigh’s first ever Pride Festival, was the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, and marks ten years of Hopscotch. With this in mind, WKNC’s Hopscotch Day Party aims to promote and celebrate LGBTQ+ affiliated artists from across the state to keep the Pride Party going all year long! Featuring Petrov, Emily Musolino, Juxton Roy, Through the Tallwoods, Black Bouquet, and To Julian, the party will be hosted on Saturday, September 7th at Legends Club. This event is all-ages and supported by the NC State GLBT Center.

This will be a series up until the Day Party, so the questions will be the same, but we can guarantee that every artist will add their own personal flare to each answer.

Emily Musolino has kindly agreed to do a stripped down set on the acoustic stage of Legends. Though typically done with a full band, the raw emotion and lyrical complexity makes this act my personally most anticipated set of the day.

  1. Give us a lil rundown of how your band got formed! When/where/how/why!  I’ve been writing songs for 20 years. it started out as a personal outlet for me when I picked up the guitar at age 10. When college came up, I chose Berklee College of Music because it had the reputation of being one of the top contemporary music academies in the world. After graduating with a degree in music production I decided it was much too cold to live in Boston so I moved back home and have been traveling around the southeast ever since playing music! 
  2. What can an audience member expect from one of your shows? It depends on what show. I provide myself on being very diverse – Sometimes the audience wants to party and have loud rock and roll, and sometimes it’s a quiet listening room where they want to be softly serenaded. I can do both. 
  3. Do you see performance as a task or an endeavor? In that vein, what part about performing is most challenging or liberating? I love performing. I feel more natural on stage then I do offstage most of the time. The most liberating thing about it is it forces you to live completely in the moment – no worrying about the future or regretting the past. Everything that matters is in the note you’re singing right now. 
  4. What does Pride mean to you? How do you embody those meanings in your music? In your everyday life?  I’ve been out and proud for 15 years and still to this day I’ll feel a twinge of fear when singing my original lyrics that are obviously gay. I despise that fear, and I hope that every time I sing one of my songs a little bit of that fear goes away not just for me but for the whole LGBT community. 
  5. What are you most excited about during Hopscotch?  Tough question! There are so many great acts, I’m just happy to be a part of it all and soak it all in. 
  6. For the tenth anniversary of Hopscotch, what would you ten years ago think about you now?  I think she would be thrilled! I’m living my dream of playing music full-time, I have a wonderful girlfriend and an ever expanding circle of multi-talented friends. life is good 🙂
  7. Please list some fun facts about your band!   This particular show will be solo, not sure about fun facts, you might just have to come to show to find out!

You can learn more about Emily Musolino by visiting her Facebook page or Instagram (@theemilymusolino) and, of course, by attending WKNC’s Hopscotch Day Party. It will be held at Legends Club on Saturday, September 7th and begins at noon! 

Literally be there or you will make baby deer cry!