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Jocelyn Ellis LIVE on Soulful Renaissance!!!


Well if you’ve never heard of Ms.Ellis, allow me to introduce her!!!

(Copied from
Charlotte Music Award Winner, Jocelyn Ellis, a North Carolina vocalist/songwriter/producer, has a new sound called Urban-Folk. Jocelyn has opened for Cassidy at Greensboro Coliseum, shared the stage with WyClef Jean, featured with Super-Producer 9th Wonder, was on The ArtLifestyle Tour sponsored by VitaminEnergy and several performances in Spain. For more information and booking visit Jocelyn Ellis at [].

With that being said, she will DEFINITELY be on Soulful Renaissance for Valentines Day!!! So be sure to tune in at 8pm to hear Jocelyn Ellis [L I V E]!!

Until then….check this out…..

~Peace & Soul~


Music News and Interviews


[TONIGHT] I will be giving away TWO TICKETS to see Jocelyn Ellis in Chapel Hill for Art Lifestyle!!

CALL 919.860.0881 OR 919.515.2400

Venue: Cafe Beyond, 128 E. Franklin, Chapel Hill

$15 for online tickets at []

Doors open at 8, Showtime is 10pm.

The show will be opened by.Dasan Ahanu and Peace.

Hosted by The ArtLifestyle, the event features Wine Tasting, Body Art and Culinary Art


~Peace & Soul~

Concert Preview

Broadcasting DBB Night 2

Last night WKNC took over Friday Night Request Rock & Chainsaw to bring you live coverage of night 1 of the Double Barrel Benefit #6 from the Pour House in downtown Raleigh.  The show was a success, a massive sellout with a tremendous crowd and kickass music.  As the show will more than likely sellout tonight as well, we will once again be broadcasting the entire show live (trumping Saturday Night Soul and R&B and D-Cutta’s 2.0 Show).

Broadcast starts after the Soulful Renaissance and will air until the completion of the concert.  If you can’t get to the Pour House, feel free to rock on with us tonight over your radio or internet connection.

Doors open at 8pm and get there early as there is a limited number of tickets available at the door.  The show starts at 9pm.

Tonight’s lineup includes: I Was Totally Destroying It, Violet Vector & the Lovely Lovelies, Birds of Avalon, & Polvo.

Band/Artist Profile

DBB Feature #6: Bowerbirds

Merge organized a morning concert on the last day of early voting (9am the morning after Haloween) to encourage music fans to vote.  Bowerbirds played, as well as Megafaun, Billy Bragg, Superchunk, Ivan Howard, the dBs and a few others.

Ever since the release of Hymns for a Dark Horse on local label Burlytime Records, Bowerbirds have been destined for big things. In short order, the record garnered glowing reviews from indie trendsetters Pitchfork Media and Prefix magazine and rose to the top of WKNC’s indie rock charts. Within a year they were signed to big-time indie-folk imprint Dead Oceans (part of Secretly Canadian/Jagjaguwar) and went on to tour with the Mountain Goats. Simply put, the Bowerbirds rose through the ranks of the music world at a meteoric rate.

Bowerbirds’ music is characterized by uniquely minimalist arrangements and melodies paired to stream-of-consciousness lyrics, and their debut LP is a concept album of sorts; its 12 songs discuss the conflicts of civilization versus the nature and humanity.

Naturally, with such material, you might consider Bowerbirds to be a ‘cause band,’ and, indeed, they tackle the subject of environmentalism with fairly blunt words. Through clever songwriting, though, they avoid the adversarial tone that so many bands with a cause seem to convey; instead, they radiate an earthy idealism that wouldn’t seem too out of place in a Thoreau novel.

Nowhere is it more clear that Bowerbirds is an exceptional band than in concert. With even more sparce instrumentation than in thier album, they manage to create an even more full sound. They will be the final performers Friday night at the Double Barrel Benefit, taking the stage after Schooner.

DJ Highlights

Double Barrel Mystery Roach

This weekend is the 6th annual Double Barrel Benefit, our annual fund raising concert. We’ve got great lineups for both Friday and Saturday nights. So come down, have a beer, enjoy some great local music, and help support 88.1

Craig from Birds of Avalon, one of the great bands performing Saturday night, will be on Mystery Roach Saturday morning. We’ll be listening to music from his collection and talking about life, the universe, and everything. (No, not the book, but who knows, it might come up too.)

So listen to Mystery Roach Saturday morning from 8-10 am then head on down to the Pour House to catch the second night of The Double Barrel Benefit.

See you there.

-La Barba Rossa

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DBB Feature #5: I Was Totally Destroying It

When I was a kid, my dad would often take me for a ride in his Camaro, crank up the radio, and introduce me to some of his favorite bands, like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.  I’d sit there in the front seat, enthralled by the experience, and so began the long love affair with music that would eventually bring me to this station.

Perhaps as a result of those days, I’ve always had a soft spot for catchy, radio-friendly tunes, despite my proclivities towards the experimental and the eccentric.  After all, pop music is our culture’s universal communicator: you can sing just about anything over a good melody and most of your listeners will understand exactly what you’re trying to tell them.  That’s some serious power.

And so we come to the titular topic of this article, I Was Totally Destroying It, a group who specializes in creating just that…  remarkably catchy and ambitious pop music.

As a grizzled veteran of college radio music direction, I’ve often found that aficionados of indie rock can turn a blind eye towards unabashedly poppy music that isn’t either couched in brooding sentiment, sonic experimentalism, or profound lyricism.  IWTDI’s music can indeed become brooding, experimental, and profound, but their guiding principle has always been about building strong melodies above all other elements.

The end result is refreshingly unpretentious and listenable, whether you’re into Captain Beefheart or The Shins.  It comes with a strong pedigree too, featuring members of legendary Chapel Hill heavy rockers such as Sorry About Dresden and Strunken White.

So while you might not believe that pop music has a place in your collection, a quick listen to I Was Totally Destroying It’s songbook could change your opinion.  Fortunately for you, they’re opening up on Saturday at this year’s edition of the Double Barrel Benefit, and if you’ve never seen them live, prepare yourself for an energy-filled experience you won’t soon forget.

Until then, you can download their latest EP, Done Waiting, for free from their ReverbNation website, one of the best bargains you’re liable to find in 2009.  As for us, we’ll see you on Saturday.


Non-Music News

WKNC Back on the Net! & Some Other Words

Last Night around 10pm WKNC’s web server bottomed out and took a nose dive off of the cliff of life, no doubt due to an ecstasy overload caused by our Local Music Invasion.  WKNC webmaster DJ Bridges, our engineer Austin,  & Local Music Czar DJ Stevo spent the entire night resuscitating the website back to life in a miracle intensive care recovery.  If these fellows revive themselves in time to make it to the Double Barrel Benefit, please buy them a beer, bake them a cake, or give them a medal or something.  Bridges is still wandering the hallways in a haze, Im trying to send him home.

Because of our web problems, all blog posts from the last 2 days have been lost.  This means our DBB features on Birds of Avalon, Bowerbirds & Violet Vector and the Lovely Lovelies, as well as several album reviews and promotional posts are no longer available.  There is not a definite timeline on getting these back up, but we will most certainly try, especially the DBB Features, which all of those bands more than deserve for playing at this years event.

In the meantime, if you have not been paying attention (or didn’t read the blog that has since been deleted), yesterday & today on WKNC we will be airing ONLY local music through our airwaves to get everyone pumped for this years Double Barrel Benefit.  Its called the Local Music Invasion.  100% local music on Thursday’s Daytime is going to carry over until today as we will air North Carolina tunes all the way through the Local Beat which ends at 8pm.

Then, beginning at 8pm, we will begin live broadcasting from the Pour House and will air the entire first night of Double Barrel Benefit in its entirety.  A live benefit show coming through our airwaves, nothing is better than that!

However, this will trump Friday Night Request Rock & Chainsaw this evening, but fear not, those shows will resume broadcasting once again next week.

Non-Music News

Sports Revolution 2/3

The Sports Revolution talked about the N.C. State Women’s team’s first game back on the court following the passing of Kay Yow.  We heard from Stephanie Glance’s post-game comments against BC.  Then the guys jumped into a conversation about the N.C. State men’s team and their weekend game against that other school that wears pansy blue.  James and Preston sat on opposite sides of the room while they discussed Ben McCauley’s hard/intentional (you decide) foul on UNC’s Copeland.  The Rev went around the rest of the ACC talking Wake’s win over Duke and monumental collapse against Georgia Tech.

Then it was time for Super Bowl wrap-up, the gang discussed their favorite commercials, the Boss’ slide at halftime, and the Steelers last second win over the Cards.

Be sure to join the Revolution every week on Tuesdays from 7 to 8 pm and check out the blog and podcast of past shows as well. Let us know what you think! We want to hear from you, post on the blog, call us during the show 860-0881 and give us your thoughts!

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DBB Feature #4: Lost in the Trees

Lost in the Trees, Troika Music Festival 2008


If you’ve listened to WKNC with any frequency in the latter half of last year, you’ve undoubtedly heard Lost in the Trees. Lost in the Trees’ critically acclaimed sophomore album, “All Alone in an Empty House” has been a favorite among WKNC’s daytime DJs since it’s release in September.

On “All Alone in an Empty House,” Ari Picker, the principal member of the band, has perfected his unique form of orchestral folk. The record has some of the most beautiful music I’ve heard in a long time; it’s mostly intensely personal melancholy ballads with lush orchestral instrumentation. Listening to the record can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride, but anyone that has a soul will appreciate the immense beauty of their music.

Ari Picker is a classically trained musician and a talented songwriter and nowhere is this more clear than when he performs live. My introduction to Lost in the Trees was their performance on the first day of the Troika Music Festival in Durham last year. I was immediately struck by the intensity and emotion of the music; I knew they would be one of my favorite bands. This is not a show you’ll want to miss.

Lost in the Trees will be going on second behind Lonnie Walker this coming Friday, February 6th, for the sixth annual Double Barrel Benefit.  The house is sure to be packed early due to Lonnie Walker & also First Friday, so make sure you get a ticket and get in there to catch this fantastic 12 piece band for their entire set!

Music News and Interviews

Rapper Big Pooh of Lil Brother Interview on 2/5/09 @ 12am

Rapper Big Pooh

Rapper Big Pooh will be calling in to the DJ Nominal Late Nite Mix Show on Thursday at 12am. He as a new album that is about to be released entitled Delightful Bars. The set release date is February 10, 2009. Rapper Big Pooh currently has a new single out entitled The Comeback. Tune in to WKNC on Thursday morning to here more details.