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A Practical Hopscotch Guide: Mistakes I Made 2 Weeks Ago and How to Avoid them Next Year

So Hopscotch was already two whole weeks ago (even though it feels like that weekend took place in a different world entirely) and I’ve had a little time to reflect on my experiences.  While this was indeed an incredibly successful Hopscotch, I still kept it real by making it hard for myself in stupid ways.  Here are just a handful of things that made me think this past Hopscotch (this list ins’t as long as the last one, which is a good sign).


  1. After you check the weather, dress accordingly.  No white t-shirts on days that it’s going to downpour.

  2. Charge your phone ahead of time!  Unless you’re a regular watch wearer, I’m gonna bet that your primary means of checking the time is through your phone.  When you’re at an event that revolves around a very strict schedule, a functioning time-telling device is sooooo helpful.

  3. Think about which venues serve cheaper drinks.  If you know you’re going to CAM after Slims, drink up before hand to avoid the $5 PBR charge at the latter venue.

  4. Those wristbands can get tight if you’re not careful!  Don’t mess with them, you’ll only make it worse, trust me.

  5. Keep it classy if you’re friends still have to be seen with you.

  6. No one suspected there wouldn’t be an official map this year, but that’s what happened. Next year, just in case, I will hopefully have the entire downtown area memorized so I’ll never wander around aimlessly wishing my phone wasn’t dead ever again.


Thanks to everyone who was a part of Hopscotch’s 5th year.  I had a sincere blast (minus that night when I was stopping everyone who walked past me to ask what time it was) and I was filled with love and esteem for my hometown for at least 4 days during and surrounding Hopscotch weekend.  See ya there next year, suckers.