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Museum Mouth, Naked Naps, and Astro Cowboy- January 24th at Kings Barcade

Museum Mouth

Naked Naps

Astro Cowboy

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I got to talk to surf pop heroines DADDY ISSUES from Greensboro, North Carolina on their upcoming projects, Super Smash Bros, and the concept of “the girl band.” They played at the Edge of Urge and Lumina Clothing Grand Opening Block Party later that day, and opened at the sold out T0W3RS LP release show at Kings Barcade a week later. 

Edge of Urge and Lumina Clothing Grand Opening Block Party

T0W3RS LP Release Show at Kings Barcade

You can find out more about DADDY ISSUES at

-Blue Cadet-3

Music News and Interviews

Hopscotch Interview: Negative Fun Records

People seem to get pretty excited about local artists, but what about local record labels?

Negative Fun Records, a Raleigh-New Hampshire split label, sat down with Blue Cadet-3 and Jake from State Farm at wristband city on Friday of Hopscotch to talk about upcoming projects, and what their label is all about.

Negative Fun was started in 2012 by Chris DeFusco and John Whitney “to document great music, regardless of genre.” They’re independent and release vinyl singles only, recording artists such as Ghostt Bllonde, Hoax Hunters, and Midnight Plus One. Negative Fun separates itself from the rest not only because they strictly record vinyl, but because they don’t confine themselves to a single genre. Their mission is to support great local music, and keep the spirit of independent record labels alive.

You can hear WKNC’s interview with Negative Fun through the link below, or on our iTunes podcast. 

Listen here.