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Caroline Polachek: Concert Review

Going into Hopscotch, I had a base level knowledge of who Caroline Polachek was and her musical career. However, after attending her show last night, it is safe to say that I am a full on fan.

The Music.
Caroline of course played her most popular songs “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings,” “Door,” and “Hit Me Where It Hurts” which went over well with the crowd. However, it was the three unreleased tracks she performed that absolutely stole the show. “Smoke” along with two others I can not remember the names of were haunting, dark, and sultry. They definitely have me on the edge of my seat waiting for her next album release.

The Performance.
Overall, her performance was visually stunning. Caroline was surrounded by dark purple light and smoke for most of the tracks which set the tone for what I can only describe as an almost spiritual experience. From the lighting, to the smoke, to the music, to her movements everything was perfectly in-sync. Caroline’s performance was one of the most intentional and well thought out shows I have ever attended.

Her Voice.
If sirens from ancient Greek mythology existed today, they would exist in the form of Caroline Polachek. The range of her voice was absolutely insane and the way she slid between notes was almost inhuman. Caroline has a true talent and I am looking forward to seeing where she takes it.

All in all, Caroline Polachek put on a wonderful show and if she is ever playing in your city, I HIGHLY recommend checking it out.

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Hopscotch Music Festival 2021 Series: Animal Collective

Animal Collective is difficult to pin down and a lot of fun to consume. Luckily, the band is performing this year at Hopscotch Music Festival on Saturday, September 11th at 9:30 pm at City Plaza. Keep reading to learn a little bit about the band and their discography.

The American experimental band came together in Baltimore, Maryland in 2003. Animal Collective, consisting of Avey Tare (David Portner), Panda Bear (Noah Lennox), Deakin (Josh Dibb), and Geologist (Brian Weitz), weave genres through their unique vocal combinations, ambiance, and pop foundations. The members began to musically collaborate when they met in school before the band was officially formed. Their discography consists of a variety of retroactively added music, studio albums, extended plays, live albums, visual albums, and a soundtrack album. 

Check out their full discography below:

Studio Albums:
– Spirit They’re Gone, Spirit They’ve Vanished (2000) (as Avey Tare and Panda Bear)
– Danse Manatee (2001) (as Avey Tare, Panda Bear and Geologist)
– Campfire Songs (2003) (as Campfire Songs)
– Here Comes the Indian (2003) (also known as Ark)
– Sung Tongs (2004)
– Feels (2005)
– Strawberry Jam (2007)
– Merriweather Post Pavilion (2009)
– Centipede Hz (2012)
– Painting With (2016)

Extended Plays:
– Prospect Hummer (2005) (with Vashti Bunyan)
– People (2006)
– Water Curses (2008)
– Fall Be Kind (2009)
– Keep + Animal Collective (2011)
– Transverse Temporal Gyrus (2012)
– Monkey Been to Burn Town (2013)
– The Painters (2017)
– Meeting of the Waters (2017)
– Bridge to Quiet (2020)

Live Albums:
– Hollinndagain (2002) (as Avey Tare, Panda Bear and Geologist)
– Animal Crack Box (2009)
– Live at 9:30 (2015)
– Ballet Slippers (2019)
– 2 Nights (2020)[112]

Visual Albums:
– ODDSAC (2010)
– Tangerine Reef (2018)

Soundtrack Album:
– Crestone (Original Score) (2021)[113]

I know I’ll be at the Animal Collective set at Hopscotch and I hope you will be, too.

Here’s to my favorite Animal Collective track, “Who Could Win a Rabbit,”

Silya Bennai

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Bands to Watch at Hopscotch 2021: Patois Counselors

General Manager Maddie here to tell you all about a band I’m very excited to see play this year’s Hopscotch Festival: Patois Counselors.

Before I indulge in my own personal relationship to the band, the important information to know is that they’re playing Hopscotch tomorrow, Sept 9, on the Moore Square stage at 3:45PM. In terms of genre, they fall under the wide umbrella of “post punk”, so check ’em out if you like stuff like Parquet Courts or Gang of Four.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I’m going to tell you my story about the discovery of one of my favorite local bands. We have to go all the way back to October 2018, the fall of my first year at NC State. One of my favorite bands, Screaming Females, was playing a show at one of my favorite venues, the Milestone, in Charlotte, North Carolina. The only problem with this fantastic set-up was that I was stuck in Raleigh without a car. So, I got together with a friend of mine who had a car, agreed to skip my calculus class (the first class I ever skipped in college!) and we drove 2 and a half hours to see Screaming Females.

They were great, of course, but that’s not who I’m here to talk about. I’m here to talk about the second band I saw at the Milestone that night, a local opener called TKO Faith Healer. I didn’t have high expectations; based on the band name, I was expecting some sort of Southern garage-rocky type dad band. However, as they began playing, I found myself enjoying their music a lot more than I was expecting. I’m not gonna say it was like nothing I had ever heard before, but at this time in my life, I wasn’t really listening to bands like Wire or Powerplant much, and I certainly didn’t know how much I would come to love bands like that later on in my life. Besides being sonically interesting, they also played just an overall super clean and tight set.

Also, I have to add that their singer came out wearing an Amnesia Scanner long sleeve t shirt. I did not know who Amnesia Scanner was at the time, but now, I look back on this move and realize how cool it is. Any guy in an “indie rock” band wearing an Amnesia Scanner shirt is a cool guy.

Unfortunately, TKO Faith Healer didn’t have any songs up on Spotify at this point (and they sadly still do not, but they have one EP on Bandcamp), so I more or less forgot about them after the show. I’ve gotten better at this since 2018, but really, the convenience of being on Spotify is a selling factor on if I’ll listen to a band’s music or not- I know, I know, but I gotta make sure all my songs scrobble!

In October 2020- two years later- I was browsing Instagram and came across a post from Charlotte independent record store Lunchbox Records (the second best thing about Charlotte, with the first being the Milestone) that instantly captivated me. I’m a big album artwork guy, and my opinions on an album can strongly be swayed by the album art alone. I had one glance at the eerie, larger-than-life eyeball painting and knew I was gonna like the album. Also, the band was from Charlotte, and I’m always looking for more local bands to love.

I remember quickly going to Spotify and checking out songs from the band’s previous album, Proper Release, in anticipation of the new album. When the new album came out, I proudly uploaded some songs from The Optimal Seat into WKNC’s Local Lunch segment, because our local segment definitely needs some more post-punk.

Since then, the album has been a local favorite of mine, and I find new songs and parts to enjoy with every listen. Some of my favorite tracks are the super-danceable yet anxious The Galvanizer, and angular, jerky Give Me Voltage. I also still continue to be absolutely transfixed by the album artwork; it’s probably one of my favorite album covers of all time (you can see more paintings by the artist on her website, although none of them strike me like the red eye featured on the Optimal Seat).

Now, to get back to TKO Faith Healer- I’m not quite sure when exactly it was, but at one point, I thought back to the band I saw open for Screaming Females and thought they sounded familiar to a new band I had recently discovered. I did some research, and sure enough, TKO Faith Healer lead singer and Amnesia Scanner-enjoyer Bo White was the vocalist in Patois Counselors. While doing research for this post, I discovered White actually has a slew of other Charlotte bands under his wing- basically, I have a lot of new music to listen to.

But, for now, I’m gonna get ready for Patois Counselors’ performance by re-listening to the album that captured my attention from the first second I saw it. I hope you’re able to catch Patois Counselors’ set tomorrow, but if not, you can listen to their music anytime.

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Hopscotch: My Most Anticipated Performances

As I’m sure many of you know, Hopscotch–Raleigh’s annual music festival–is happening this weekend! As a Raleigh resident of the last 15 years, I have grown up hearing about Hopscotch and the many artists that have performed. However, I have never actually been (I know…shocking).

Since this is my first ever music festival, I have been in full on prep mode. I’ve planning my schedule around shows, trying to get all of my assignments done before-hand, and most importantly familiarizing myself with the artist that are performing.

In doing so, I’ve complied a quick list of the acts I am most excited to see.

  1. Caroline Polachek: Ever since I saw the “So Hot Your Hurting My Feelings” music video Caoline Polachek has occupied a space in my subconscious. From her voice to the production of her songs everything is perfectly in-sync. The tracks I am most excited for are “Hit Me Where It Hurts,” “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings,” and “Ocean of Tears.”
  2. Flying Lotus: Having worked as the Underground Music Director for WKNC this Summer, Flying Lotus is one of the acts I am most looking forward to seeing. The album Yasuke, which was produced to go along with the anime, is chock-full of crazy features and insane beats. My most anticipated tracks are “Between Memories” and “Black Gold.”
  3. Colin Stetson: In all honesty, before I began my Hopscotch research, I had absolutely no clue who Colin Stetson was. However, he quickly made it to the top of my most anticipated acts. The best way to describe his work is invigorating and primarily instrumental. He’s the brains behind the Hereditary soundtrack. The tracks I am looking forward to hearing most are “The righteous wrath of an honorable man” and “Welcome To The New World.”
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WKNC x NC State University Libraries Hopscotch Day Party 2021

It’s Hopscotch season in the Triangle! Hopscotch is returning to downtown Raleigh for its eleventh year on Sept. 9-11.

WKNC has partnered with NC State University Libraries to present our 2021 official Hopscotch Day Party, on Sept. 9, from noon to 3 p.m. Occurring outside of DH Hill Jr Library facing Hillsborough Street, this event is free and open to the public; you don’t need a ticket to Hopscotch to attend.

The party is not only a showcase of North Carolina electronic musicians but also of WKNC alumni talent; every performer has been involved with WKNC in the past. We’re excited to welcome back former DJs and staff to the campus.

The event will be live-streamed via NC State University Libraries’ Twitch channel.

Check out the official flyer below, and read on to get a short bio of each of the musicians, written by WKNC General Manager Maddie.

WKNC and NC State University Libraries Hopscotch Day Party with midcentury modular, en-decay, JOB and Sand Pact.
WKNC and NC State University Libraries Hopscotch Day Party with midcentury modular, en-decay, JOB and Sand Pact. Design by Maddie.

The lineup is designed in a way to start on the more chill and ambient side of electronic, and slowly turn heavier by the end of the showcase.

Starting off the showcase is midcentury modular. midcentury modular was a WKNC DJ for 3 years between 2011 and 2014, as well as working with our Daytime music block. As the name might suggest, midcentury modular makes modular synth music, exploring the various environments that can be created. Some of his work, like the release “snow,” is more sparse and desolate, while others, like the release “a weekend,” play around with beeps and boops to create a fun, uplifting atmosphere. I’ve always wanted to see a modular synth performance and I’m excited to watch his set.

Changing paces next is en-decay. Cyrus has been producing electronic music and DJing under the name en-decay since 2012, making glitchy, IDM-like music that also takes inspiration from various other electronic genres, such as industrial or ambient. They started working as a freelance DJ for events in high school then as an Afterhours DJ for WKNC for 2 years. They’ve collaborated with a variety of artistic groups such as Windhover, Sinetology, and Maison Fauna, planning and playing events and festivals around North Carolina. They’ve been uploading releases since 2017 to their Bandcamp page, so have fun browsing for a bit.

Next is JOB. JOB started DJing at WKNC in the spring of 2019. In the summer of 2019 he hosted a Sunday underground show called Clocking Out. He also helped record a few live sessions in The Lounge. JOB’s music consists of super fun and fast-paced mixes, consisting of artists like Toro y Moi, Azealia Banks and Ariana Grande. His bio on mixcloud simply says “girls + gays only”, if you can’t already tell what his musical vibe is based on the aforementioned artists. I am very much ready to dance to this set.

And lastly, we have Sand Pact. Hema of Sand Pact was involved with WKNC from 2014-2018, in which she worked as a DJ (first as DJ iCloud, and later as Gudiya), graphic designer, and promotions director, as well as began the WKNC zine. Hema invited Alex onto her DJ sets and the two began their love for playing electronic music together. I discovered Sand Pact a few years ago when I was trying to discover more Triangle-based artists, and I really dug their sound and entire aesthetic. They have a pretty harsh sound, consisting of various strange noises layered over industrial beats. I’m super happy to have them play this set, as I’ve been wanting to see how their live show looks ever since I first discovered them.

I hope you discovered your new favorite North Carolinian electronic musician, and are able to come out to our showcase.

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Bonnaroo 2021: Who I’m Excited to See

After much anticipation, Bonnaroo is back in business. After rescheduling from last year (I think there was some sort of pandemic or something), Great Stage Park in Manchester, Tennessee will be flooded with tens of thousands of fans from all over the world. And for good reason too. The lineup for 2021 is definitely going to be one for the books. The headliners for each day include Foo Fighters, Lizzo, and Tyler the Creator, who I would shovel out any amount of money to be able to see. Beyond the bigger names include a modge podge of artists ranging from folk to indie to rap, providing a unique taste for everyone there. Among these names, here are a few that I am especially excited to see. 

Megan Thee Stallion 
I’ll be honest, at my first glance of the lineup for this year I was a bit surprised to see Megan on there. When I usually think of Bonnaroo, artists like Tash Sultana, Cage the Elephant, and Tyler Childers come to mind. But the more I think about it, the happier I am to have the chance to see her there. All of Megan’s music has such an upbeat flow to it and I’m sure it will be a tough challenge for any artist to get the crowd more hype than she does. 

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard 
This just seems like the kind of band that would be amazing live. With their eccentric guitar riffs and mellowed out lyrics, they make for a perfect midday vibe to bring the crowd together under the sun. 

This band definitely holds a special place in my heart. I’m not a huge folk fan, but Caamp has a perfect balance of bluegrass with just a hint of modern rock sprinkled in. The main singer’s voice is raspy, but not too raspy, and their lyrics remind me of a life I used to dream of when a more adventurous writer occupied my mind when I was younger. 

Tame Impala 
Have you guys heard of them? It’s super underground, super indie, you probably wouldn’t like it. All jokes aside, Tame Impala is known to be amazing live and I would love a chance to see Kevin Parker shred the guitar. 

Resistance Revival Chorus 
This group has some of the most amazing harmonies to date. I’d say it’s a mixture of blues and folk. Their lyrics speak to a wide audience and they send a good message. 

Remi Wolf
The last one on this list goes out to Remi Wolf. Her music is a bit reminiscent of Still Woozy, with a funk bass to compliment her wide vocal range. Any song of hers could easily get the crowd dancing. 

These artists are only a few on this incredible lineup. Words cannot describe how excited I am to be in the middle of a tightly packed crowd all there to get the same, beautiful experience of a music festival. Rain or shine, Bonnaroo 2021 is happening and you’re not going to want to miss it. 
-DJ Chippypants

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Shouts to Shakori: A listening experience

Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain blasted out of my friend’s tiny car, which was full of tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks. We were speeding towards Shakori Hills. The grassroots music festival in the lovely Pittsboro wilderness has been an institution for 16 years. This would be my first time camping during the festival which takes place twice a year, in the spring and the fall. Shakori hosts all kinds of musicians and acts and I was ready to explore some new bands. We had reached the end of our journey and piled out of the car into a field. It only got hippier from there. 

Shakori is oriented in a circle with food vendors and camping connecting the four main stages. I decided to forgo the schedule and just walk around the circle until I heard something I was interested in. One of the bands that caught my attention was People Of Earth. Their alt-rock and jazz-influenced music had the crowd jamming out and was a welcome change of pace from the bluegrass and country that the festival is known for. I heard TerraBANG from across the grounds. I was immediately intrigued by lead singer Jameilyara Moore’s smooth vocals. The upbeat and funky songs had me floating away (Checkout their song Art School Drop out). My favorite performer of the weekend might have to be Roosevelt Collier. You could see his beaming smile from a mile away and his music was just as infectious. Collier shreds on the lap steel guitar and completely stole the show with groovy almost grunge take. 

There is something to be said about the environment of the Shakori, everyone knows they are in a special place and it shows with the absolute kindness and generosity of the volunteers and even the attendees. It felt like fall for the first time that weekend, the weather was the perfect backdrop for the festival. Definitely count on seeing me there in the spring 🙂 Happy Shakori! 

-Lil Witch xoxo

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WKNC Hopscotch Day Party Artist Feature: Through the Tallwoods

With Hopscotch right around the corner, and WKNC’s Day Party at Legends following closely in its wake– how better to promote both events than by give y’all a lil’ insight into our Day Party Line-up!

WKNC’s Day Party description is as follows.

This year has been full of milestones, and WKNC aims to celebrate them all. 2019 held Raleigh’s first ever Pride Festival, was the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, and marks ten years of Hopscotch. With this in mind, WKNC’s Hopscotch Day Party aims to promote and celebrate LGBTQ+ affiliated artists from across the state to keep the Pride Party going all year long! Featuring Petrov, Emily Musolino, Juxton Roy, Through the Tallwoods, Black Bouquet, and To Julian, the party will be hosted on Saturday, September 7th at Legends Club. This event is all-ages and supported by the NC State GLBT Center.

This will be a series up until the Day Party, so the questions will be the same, but we can guarantee that every artist will add their own personal flare to each answer.

Through the Tallwoods is an up-and-coming punk act that is managed by the same king of the scene that organizes Juxton Roy. His name, if you’re unaware, is Jonas Chisholm! Both Jonas and Juxton will be at our upcoming Hopscotch Day Party with Through the Tallwoods tagging along as well! Will you be there??

  1. Give us a lil rundown of how your band got formed! When/where/how/why! 

    Austin and I (Taylor) met from a craigslist post I put up in the summer of
    2017. His energetic and technical bass playing had me hooked the first
    time we went through “Wake Up Early.” At the time, we were playing
    with a different drummer in his garage in Cary. About a year later, that
    drummer left to pursue his other artistic interests and our (long) search
    for a new drummer began. Through Instagram, we were able to connect
    with our current drummer, CJ Sierra, in October of 2018. His adaptive
    playing and quick, ready-to-learn attitude fit with our unconventional
    song structures perfectly. Since then we’ve had the opportunity to play
    alongside some of our favorite local bands like propersleep, Paperback,
    and Juxton Roy – who we’re looking forward to seeing right after our
    acoustic set at Legends this Saturday!

  2. What can an audience member expect from one of your shows? 

    Hopefully to connect to some of our lyrics; we fall under the emo genre
    a lot because we talk about some sad shit. You also get to hear Austin
    scream real loud – his mic check will scare you (or your money back).
    CJ will surprise you with his snare work and rhythm changes. He seems
    like a reserved, quiet guy till you see him moving around the kit. We also
    like talking to people at our shows, so we hope everyone feels welcome
    to do so.

  3. Do you see performance as a task or an endeavor? In that vein, what part about performing is most challenging or liberating? 

    Austin: I like performing. When skilled performers do their job well it’s
    awesome to watch. Seeing all of our practice, hard work, and planning
    come together is very satisfying.
    Taylor: It’s definitely a little out of my comfort zone – I’ve been more
    reserved most of my life. But I agree with Austin; the anxiety of preforming
    is overcome by the satisfaction of pulling off a show well.

  4. What does Pride mean to you? How do you embody those meanings in your music? In your everyday life? 

    Pride is a matter of acceptance for others and yourself. It’s a marked time
    to celebrate what makes us different, but also what makes us the same. We
    all deserve love; and love, in all its healthy forms, should be celebrated. Our
    music talks about the ways we’ve learned to distinguish the difference
    between love and simple want. It talks about the ways we’ve learned to
    move on from difficult situations, how we’ve grown to respect ourselves
    more, and to take pride in the people we’re becoming.

  5. What are you most excited about during Hopscotch?  

    Austin: Kissisippi! I’ve been a fan for a while now and I’m excited to see
    them play live.
    Taylor: I love Kississippi as well! Zoë is such a sweet, talented human
    being. I’m stoked that the headliner this year is Sleater-Kinney! I have a soft
    spot for Riot Grrl rock and Carrie Brownstein. She’s badass.

  6. For the tenth anniversary of Hopscotch, what would you ten years ago think about you now?  

    Austin: I always really wanted to play music, so I think 14 year old me
    would be proud that I’m playing shows and putting out an album now; it’s
    been a long time coming.
    Taylor: Honestly, at 15 I was still religious and wrestling with the guilt I felt
    over my feelings about girls. I would hardly believe that the sappy poems
    and guitar riffs I was writing in my room alone would be part of something
    cool like this 10 years later.

  7. Please list some fun facts about your band!  

    WE LIKE TREES A LOT – we go hiking pretty often.
    Austin has broken the same arm 3 times but still kicks ass on bass
    CJ is one of the creators of local label 85 Split Records, and he also drums in
    another band called “Student Health”
    One time Taylor ate a live goldfish for $20

You can learn more about Through the Tallwoods by visiting their Facebook page or Instagram (@throughthetallwoods) and, of course, by attending WKNC’s Hopscotch Day Party. It will be held at Legends Club on Saturday, September 7th and begins at noon! 

Literally be there or you will make baby deer cry!

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WKNC Breaking


After weeks of intense negotiation The Avett Brothers finally realize their dream of directing people towards bathrooms and beer.

-Andrew Evans 

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vitamin e’s electronic music roundup baby!!

 its that time of year again folks! Here is the WKNC Afterhours approved lineup for the top 6 best electronic shows for the hopscotch weekend

  1. Channel Tres-  my #1 electronic show of the weekend, def going to be a good, super funky house music set: Friday, Imurj at 12:30am

  2. Spelling- Oakland, CA based artist, makes dreamy soul music with some electronic undertones: Saturday, Neptunes at 11pm

  3. Zah- Brooklyn, NY DJ and artist: Saturday, Wicked Witch at 11:30pm

  4. Shormey- Chesapeake, VA based artist,  makes light and sunny electronic music: Saturday, Imurj at 9pm

  5. Oak city slums-  Raleigh based DJ: Friday, Imurj at 11:30pm

  6. Gudiya- Raleigh based artist: Saturday, Wicked Witch at 8:30pm

stay dry out there n dance a lot everybody :0)
vitamin e