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Local Beat recap 3/27/09

So on Friday night Adam from A Rooster for the Masses stopped by with special guest James of Baltimore-based Scary River.

The reason for the occasion? ARFTM was playing at the Pour House that night alongside Scary River and the Desmonds, and playing another show Saturday night at The Cave in Chapel Hill alongside Death to the Details.

We chatted for the better part of an hour about everything from South by Southwest, which Scary River was on its way back from, to songwriting inspiration.  Oh, and Adam gave away a copy of “Broken Era,” the band’s recently-released album, to a lucky listener.

Check out the complete interview, in 3 parts, below.  And be sure to tune in this Friday right around 6:00 (courtesy of NC State Baseball), as we will have Scott Phillips of Goner in, along with potentially some very exciting other guests!

A Rooster for the Masses 3/27, interview

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Local Beat preview 3/26/09

Join us at the Local Beat on Friday, March 26, as we’ll be interviewing A Rooster for the Masses right at the beginning of the show at 5:00 to talk about their two shows this weekend.

We’ll be cut off by baseball right around 6:30, but that doesn’t mean we won’t rock it out for the first hour and a half.  ARFTM will be playing at The Pour House on Friday night alongside Scary River and The Desmonds.  Saturday night, they’re heading over to The Cave with Death to the Details.

It promises to be a good time, so don’t miss it!

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Local Beat preview 1/29/09

This Friday, the 29th, The Local Beat has a wonderful show in store for you.

Join us from 5:00-8:00 PM as we’ll have two guests. Sleepsound, who are having their CD Release Party Friday night at The Cave in Chapel Hill.  Stevo and I will be discussing with the band, among other things, their album, Breathe.Quantcast

Also joining us on Friday will be a representative of the Raleigh Undercover event taking place at Tir Na Nog all weekend.  

Be sure to tune in, and don’t forget that if you’re not in the area you can always stream us.

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Future Kings of Nowhere on Hiatus

Popular local act, Future Kings of Nowhere has just announced their plans to go on hiatus for the first couple months of 2009.   According to the Future Kings of Nowhere’s myspace page, the band is taking time off due to the constant stress and workload that their touring required and to get their creative processes back in order.  Below is taken from their myspace blog:

After our last 4 shows in December, The Future Kings of Nowhere will be going on hiatus. We have played a ton of shows over the past few years and have had a ton of fun, but I’m frankly a bit worn out. I’m stunned when I look back at all of my life goals that I’ve already accomplished in this band; playing at CBGBs, getting reviewed in magazines, opening for one of my musical heroes (twice!), getting radio play all over the country, being able to use the band to help promote some good causes, going on some long tours. Not to mention the incredible thrill of connecting with an audience while you all sing along with our songs. On the flipside, we’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time and money pursuing this, and I’ve let that pursuit do some real damage to some important friendships. Somewhere in the last year or so, this whole thing turned from fun into serious work. Everything has become opportunity cost and promotion. I know that anything good takes effort, and I’m not scared of putting my back into my music, but I never wanted to be a businessman. I got into this because I loved playing music and when I sang these songs it felt like it was going to save my life. I feel like there is something that I’ve lost about what it means to really truly love what you’re doing, and I need to take a little while to figure out what I forgot.

We’ll still be around though. I’ll still be playing drums with Resist Not, Mike will be playing washboard with Midtown Dickens, and Jon will still be playing the coffee machine at 3 Cups. Thank you all…from the bottom of our hearts…for buying our albums and coming to our shows and singing along and telling your friends and giving us couches to sleep on and meals to eat while we were on the road. And hopefully, in a few months we’ll be rested and ready to go again.

Shayne, Mike and Jon


Hopfully, this break is only a temporary one, and FKoN comes back even stronger than before.  In the meantime, their last four shows for 2008 might be the last for awhile, so be sure to check them out: