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DJ Butter’s New Digs on WKNC: Goo Lagoon

Every semester, WKNC DJs have the option to keep their old show or start a completely new one. My ever-shifting music taste has, once again, led me to do the latter. The Tangerine Hour will be missed, but I’m absolutely stoked to delve into a wider mix of genres with Goo Lagoon, which you can catch on-air every Friday from 2-3pm.

Before you ask, yes, Goo Lagoon is the beach from Spongebob. No, I am not playing anything from the Spongebob soundtrack, though I’d like to think Sandy Cheeks would headbang along with me in the stu.

So then what on earth is Goo Lagoon about, you may ask? I’ll mainly be exploring sludgy surf, heavy rock and psychedelia, save for some sneaky funk, soul and blues tracks. However, unlike the Tangerine Hour, this show will encompass every era from the ’60s till now. Though classic rock is by far my favorite genre, I found that restricting myself to that decade was hindering me from playing some really great tunes on-air.

Wanna see exactly what kind of music to expect Friday afternoons on 88.1? Here are some songs I played last week that perfectly encapsulate Goo Lagoon:

1. HazeMaze – Fuzz

Fuzz lives up perfectly to their name. This song is a great example of how they take modern proto-metal into new directions through fuzz-pedals and electric riffs.

2. Reverberation – 13th Floor Elevators

13th Floor Elevators are one of those bands from the ’60s that I just can’t get enough of. This song is a classic psychedelic anthem.

3. Beer Good – The Electric Peanut Butter Company

I couldn’t even find this song on Apple Music, but the extra digging around on YouTube was worth it. I am obsessed with this heavy, surfy instrumental track.

4. Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts – Funkadelic

I saved this song for the very end of my set, tieing it all together on a mellower note. Though I didn’t play the full nine-minute-long track, the entire thing is a relaxing, spacey, guitar-filled dream.

5. Stalking Legs – The Shivas

We all know that The Shivas are masters of modern-day surfy punk, but this song really stands out as one of their best. Their garage-like guitar is to die for in this track.

6. Looking Ahead – Monophonics

Though it’s only about a minute long, “Looking Ahead” is one of those songs that should be ten times longer. It’s a slow, wah-wah-filled trip that’s sure to put you in a daze.

7. Fresh Air – Quicksilver Messanger Service

I apologize to all the people who regularly listened to The Tangerine Hour and heard me play this song every other week. I just can’t get enough of it. It is by no means a deep cut, but it was a hit for good reason.

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Thank You For Everything, WKNC

The Saw’s first DJ shift at WKNC.

As we approach May, final exams are beginning and seniors are excitedly waiting for graduation. Very exciting times! I am a senior here at NC State, and I have a bittersweet feeling about leaving the Wolfpack. On one hand, I am excited to start my next journey in adulthood and see where that leads me. But on the other hand, I will miss NC State, specifically, WKNC – the place that I have called home for 4 years. 

I first heard about WKNC from my dad. He was telling me that NC State has a radio station that plays metal and it automatically caught my interest. Once I was on campus, I went to the WKNC interest meeting and from there I applied to become a Chainsaw Rock DJ. From there, I became the Chainsaw Rock Music Director and later the Content Manager. It is crazy to see how much I have grown during my time at WKNC. I went from having a show from midnight to 1AM, to being on during prime time on Friday’s from 5pm-7pm. 

I’ve gotten to see my show grow and transform into something that I want to do for the rest of my life. I went from being “DJ Saw” to The Saw, host of The Saw’s Butcher Shop where I play the heaviest metal on the planet. I then got to showcase my Local Butchers when I created the Bone Cruncher – an hour set where I played local NC bands. The sense of community that derived from this was so inspiring. I love playing music and seeing band’s reactions when they hear themselves on the radio. It’s such a surreal feeling. 

While at WKNC I had the honor of emceeing the North Carolina State Fair and introducing Between the Buried and Me, emceed the first ever Chainsaw Presents show, attended and spoke at two CBI conventions, and had the honor of interviewing Myke Terry from Volumes, Dee Snider from Twister Sister, Trevor Peres from Obituary, and Andreas Kisser from Sepultura.  

WKNC is what made my NC State experience. I am so thankful for the people I have gotten to meet and for the opportunities and experiences I created.

 I want to thank my parents for always being my number one supporter and for always tuning into my set to jam with me. You have helped me way more than you both know. 

I want to personally thank Jamie Gilbert for everything she has done for me. Thank you for believing in me and in The Saw’s Butcher Shop. None of this could have happened without you.

And finally, I want to thank YOU, the listener. It has been my honor to hand out beatings, and you kept coming back for more! Thank you. 

If you want to stay up to date with The Saw, all of my information can be found at

This isn’t goodbye, but a see you later. The Saw’s work is never complete. 

Stay Metal, 


The Saw’s last DJ shift at WKNC. Photo by Courtney Breen on Instagram.

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What I’m Listening to This Week

Does your weekly song rotation need an update? Well I’m here to help. Trust me, I know how easy it is to get stuck in a cycle of listening to the same few songs from the same genre on repeat, however breaking out of this routine feels so good once you start to find some new music. So here is my list of new finds for the week. 

“Trophy” by Crumb 
Crumb has such a unique, lovable style. You could pick out a song of theirs from a playlist with ease. With their wavy guitar riffs and distorted lyrics, Crumb’s music always transports me to a dreamscape. 

“Whisper (Want My Love) [feat. Steve Lacy]” by Patrick Paige II 
This new song is made by Patrick Paige II, one of my favorite members of The Internet. He and Steve Lacy blend together perfectly on this track as they complement each other’s styles. 

“Silver Lining” by Mount Joy
Ok this is definitely an older one, but I was recently reminded of its existence and honestly I’m at the perfect time in my life to where this song finally makes sense. Even if this semester isn’t turning out as planned, there’s still a silver lining in everything. 

“Sign Here” by Doohickey Cubicle 
I love the constant flow of this song. It’s relaxed yet upbeat; subtle but still has a lot to say. Something that I’d dance to while sitting down. It’s perfect. 

Other honorable mentions include “Never Gonna Give You Up” by the Black Keys, “Small Worlds” by Mac Miller, “Black Magic Woman” by Santana, and “Long Distance” by the Districts. 

Well that’s all for this week, hope you guys enjoy the tunes 
-The DJ Formerly Known as Chippypants 

Band/Artist Profile Classic Album Review DJ Highlights Miscellaneous New Album Review

New Music Alert: Loving

I can already tell that I am going to be loving this band. Loving is a slow-wave indie bedroom rock band from Canada. Their music gives off the impression of a lazy sunday, which pockets of sun poking in through the windows as the rain taps against the glass. The band consists of a group of three from Canada, who play sparse, intimate songs. 

The band started back in 2015 when David Parry and Jesse and Lucas Henderson, who are brothers, started recording music together. It was initially a long-distance project, since some members of the trio were in Victoria while others were in Toronto. However, their initial success inspired the trio to become a full-time band and set up shop in Victoria. 

The music of Loving is like psychedelic folk. It’s calming, relaxing, and uplifting all at once. Loving’s first album is their self-titled debut, which came out back in 2016. My favorite song is “The Not Real Lake,” closely followed by “Bowlly Goes Dancing Drunk Into the Future” and “A Long Slow Little Wave / Citizen, An Activity.” Their second album, “If I Am Only My Thoughts,” came out in 2020. It is a bit more fast-paced and features more acoustic sounds than their debut album. From this I would choose “A Mirror for Two Voices” and “Only She Knows” as my favorites. 

You can love, you can leave it, and say you’re nothing without it, but don’t sleep on Loving. 
Hope you guys enjoy the tunes, 
-The DJ Formerly Known As Chippypants

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Ordering the Multiple Personalities: E. and The Saw

So, I have two differing dominant personalities – The Saw and Erika. When I was little the two were less pronounced or identifiable, but upon reflection of my thoughts and actions of the time, they were formulating and strengthening. I loved “girl” things, but also things that weren’t usually associated as “girly.” 

Later, in grade school, unless I was around a select group of friends, what became known as The Saw had to be quieted and hidden from view. In college this all changed. WKNC offered me the opportunity to fully identify and develop The Saw, while clearly recognizing the vast difference it is from Erika. This is me! These are who I am!

Usually band members have alter-egos when they’re on stage, kind of like actors in a movie or play. I often describe The Saw as an alter-ego, a persona cultivated for the radio airwaves, or the show I’m at in an official capacity; but the personality is more real, more concrete than that. There are two parts to me that make me whole – Erika AND The Saw. 

Erika likes hippy esthetics, incense, and plants. The Saw likes skulls, the color black, and corpse paint. Erika watches The Jersey Shore and The Bachelor franchises. The Saw likes Sons of Anarchy and any horror movie. Erika, all kinds of music and genres; The Saw, the heaviest Metal on the planet. I could go on and on! The two live fully side-by-side. When you listen to The Saw’s Butcher Shop you’ll even hear Erika from time to time. 

But for all their differences they are united in their fierce love of friends and family, honesty, integrity, and character. This is me! This is who I am! Embrace you; those personalities, traits, and quirks that make you who you are. Self-reflect. Self-examine. Work on those things that make you a better version of you. And love you. You know that I love me! 

Stay Metal, 


Band/Artist Profile Classic Album Review DJ Highlights Miscellaneous Playlists

Chip’s Picks

You know those times when all of a sudden it feels like you’ve been hit with a wave of new, really good music out of nowhere? It’s the best feeling in the world. Finally, you can get yourself out of the same five-song rotation and expand your music taste, treating your ears to the soothing sounds of something new. I just recently happened upon this feeling for the first time in a while, and I would like to share it with you all. So, here is what I’ve been listening to lately. 

“My Cousin Greg” by Houndmouth 
You might know this band from the song “Sedona,” but if you dig deeper into their discography you can find that they actually have an array of songs that match “Sedona’s” energy. “My Cousin Greg” is like one of those songs that starts out smooth but eventually gets more and more exciting as it goes on. Perfect for any car ride with friends. 

“Evil Ways” by Santana
I heard this song for the first time in a while last weekend while I was in Wilmington. It was a beautiful day and I was driving to the beach with friends when this song came on. The sun was shining through the Spanish moss and illuminating the car as a wild guitar riff spun through the car. And now I think of that every time I listen to this song. 

“Blue Magic” by Kelly Hogan and Bill Taft 
This is one of those songs that is perfect for laying in bed at 3 AM and staring up at the ceiling. It has an echoing guitar with a vocalist to match it perfectly. It sounds very similar to “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane.

“Miracle” by Jurassic Shark 
Jurassic Shark is a nice little surf rock band that came out with the album “Miracle” back in 2014, however I’ve only just recently been getting into them. My favorite song off of the album is “Summer.” The sound of the song definitely lives up to its name. 

“Above Water” by Felly 
This song encapsulates the feeling of trying to make it through the first week of classes. No matter how stressful it gets to keep everything up to date, you just have to keep your head above water. 

Well I hope you guys enjoy the tunes,
-The DJ Formerly Known as Chippypants 

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DJ Butter’s Record Collection

Inspired by DJ Mango’s vinyl collection blog, I’ve decided to show off some of my own! One of my favorite pastimes is hunting through heaps of used records to find some from my favorite artists, especially if they contain music that’s not been widely heard. Without further ado, here are some of my personal favorites!

Gilberto & Jobim – João Gilberto and Antonio Carlos Jobim

Can you believe I found this gem at the Cheshire Cat for only $1? Truly the best dollar I’ve ever spent. Originally recorded in 1964, this LP is a collection of Gilberto and Jobim’s finest works, including the famous “Corcovado” from “Getz and Gilberto.”

Angel’s Pulse – Blood Orange

This is one of the first LPs I ever bought for my old record player, a silly little Crosley Cruiser. Dev Hynes really puts it all out there on this one. It’s a deeply soulful album and the cover art is to die for.

Jimi Hendrix at his Best Volume 1 – Jimi Hendrix & Saga Studios

Another great steal from the Cheshire Cat at a whopping $5, this Jimi Hendrix record only has five songs on it from his days before forming the Jimi Hendrix Experience. None of them are available on Apple Music or Spotify!

IGOR – Tyler, the Creator

“IGOR” is obviously a must-have, especially since the vinyl version contains “Boyfriend,” an unreleased song that wasn’t included in the digital soundtrack. Unfortunately, a lot of “IGOR” records were poorly pressed so they have some warping and surface noise (including mine).

Jimmy Page Special Early Works – Jimmy Page & Sonny Boy Williamson

I think I gasped audibly when I saw this, once again, in the Cheshire Cat. Jimmy Page is my favorite musician from the 60s/70s era so you can imagine my excitement. This little collection is back from his days before Zeppelin when he was a studio guitarist.

Con Todo El Mundo – Khruangbin

“Con Todo El Mundo” was gifted to me as a birthday present last year! It’s one of the most relaxing records I own and some of Khruangbin’s best work.

Stan Getz With Guest Laurindo Almeida – Stan Getz & Laurindo Almeida

This is another great Bossa Nova album that I picked up at Father and Son in Downtown Raleigh. It’s a bit more upbeat than the rest of Stan Getz’s usual work, but I adore it all the same.

Led Zeppelin II – Led Zeppelin

This has to be the record I play the most out of my collection, being my favorite Zeppelin album. I think my next-door neighbors probably hate me because I blast it every Sunday when I clean my room.

4 Your Eyez Only – J. Cole

You can’t deny how powerful “4 Your Eyez Only” is as an album. I got this one at Nice Price my senior year of high school because it was my favorite at the time. I love the inside and cover art on this one too!


“Fresh Air” was the first vinyl I bought and I must’ve listened to it a thousand times the day I got it, reveling in the coolness of owning my own record player. Fantastic album, fantastic artist.

Hendrix in the West – Jimi Hendrix

Last but not least, I present to you the crème de la crème of my collection: “Hendrix in the West.” Not only does it include two LPs filled with live versions of some of Jimi’s best work, it also comes with a photobook containing pictures of bassist Noel Redding, drummer Mitch Mitchell and Jimi Hendrix himself.

I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into what a WKNC DJ listens to when they’re not in the studio!

– DJ Butter

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A Peek at DJ Butter’s Spotify Wrapped

This is my favorite time of year. The weather is crisp, the smell of Christmas trees fills the air, and everyone exposes themselves on Instagram with their Spotify Wrapped.

You can tell a lot about a person by their Top 5 artists and songs (a lot more of my friends listen to Taylor Swift than I originally thought, no shame though). I know some are indifferent about the whole idea of it, but I could look at people’s Spotify Wrapped for hours. It’s so interesting to see what kind of music people are into! Whether it’s totally predictable or completely unexpected, I love to watch how people’s personalities match up with their music preferences.

Interested in getting a look at a WKNC DJ’s Spotify Wrapped? Well, look no further! Here’s what I’ve been listening to on repeat in 2020:

Top Genres:

Rock, Neo-Psychedelic, Chicago Blues, Psychedelic Hip Hop, Indie Garage Rock

I felt that my top genres were totally accurate, yet slightly surprising. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know that “Psychedelic Hip Hop” was even a genre in the first place. Despite this, I think that anyone who listens to my show would agree that these 5 genres are the basis of my sets every week!

Top Artists:

Led Zeppelin, Allah-Las, Jimi Hendrix, Greta Van Fleet, Muddy Waters

I can honestly not believe how predictable (and slightly embarrassing) this is. I knew that Zeppelin would, and probably forever will, be my #1. I was hoping that Greta Van Fleet wouldn’t make an appearance, but this summer I listened to “From the Fires” way too many times.

Top Songs:

Traveling Riverside Blues, Raspberry Jam, Just Like a Baby, What is and What Should Never Be, Living Loving Maid

Drum roll, please! My top songs are such an accurate reflection of my mindset all 2020: Too much Zeppelin, wishing I was at a surf concert, and crying to “Just Like a Baby.”

Thanks for indulging me, as always. Haven’t seen your Spotify Wrapped yet? Want to expose yourself on social media? Click here to see yours!

– DJ Butter

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New Kids on the Block

What a happy day here at WKNC!! We just got a whole new batch of DJ’s that cannot wait to spin some of your next favorite songs! Here is a brief introduction to the new kids on the block! Tune into their shifts on WKNC 88.1 FM HD-1/HD-2 either on our website,, or through the Radio FX App! Search for WKNC and both our HD-1 and HD-2 stations will appear! Happy listening! 


How you came up with your DJ name: I LOVE museums!! My nickname is Maddie and I thought combining them would be a fun DJ name. 

Format you will be DJ-ing on (chainsaw rock, daytime, underground, or afterhours) (HD-1 or HD-2): Daytime! I am currently on HD-2.

When your shift is (day & time): Wednesdays at 6pm

Your all-time favorite album and why: Mamma Mia! The Movie Soundtrack. Perfect for any occasion. Or Phoebe Bridgers Stranger in the Alps.

Your top 5 favorite artists/bands: Harry Styles, Hippo Campus, Phoebe Bridgers, Caamp, One Direction <333


How you came up with your DJ name: Taking the idea of two kids in a trench coat to its logical extreme, plus “I’m 3 Bears in a Coat” is a great line.

Format you will be DJ-ing on (chainsaw rock, daytime, underground, or afterhours) (HD-1 or HD-2): Nighttime (daytime rock) on HD-2

When your shift is (day & time): Tuesdays at 8 pm

Your all-time favorite album and why: One Big Beautiful Sound by Johnny Manchild and the Poor Bastards is probably my all-time favorite album. Every song is a certified bop, and the title track is one of the most fun, chaotic pieces of music I’ve ever heard.

Your top 5 favorite artists/bands: Ace of Hearts, Johnny Manchild and the Poor Bastards, Ryan Caraveo, The Midnight Club, and WATERS.


How you came up with your DJ name: There’s really not much of a story behind the inspiration. I went to a coffee shop that sold Sumatran coffee before one of my in-studio training sessions, and I just put two and two together because I thought it would sound cool.

Format you will be DJ-ing on (chainsaw rock, daytime, underground, or afterhours) (HD-1 or HD-2): Right now, I co-host a nighttime rock (daytime rock) show called The Cool and Chill Houron HD2.

When your shift is (day & time): Thursday at 7 PM.

Your all-time favorite album and why: My favorite album is probably London Calling by The Clash. I don’t think there’s any bad songs on that album, and all of them are ahead of their time and eclectic in their own unique ways.

Your top 5 favorite artists/bands: The Clash, Elvis Costello, Mac Miller, MGMT, and Oasis.


How you came up with your DJ name: My DJ name is a twist on the classic trend of having your DJ name just be your first and last name, like Carl Cox or Richie Hawtin. I like the appeal of having a clean name like DJ Harlan, but at the same time I felt that it was a little boring. So, I decided to remove the a’s, making it DJ HRLN while still being pronounced like Harlan.

Format you will be DJ-ing on (chainsaw rock, daytime, underground, or afterhours) (HD-1 or HD-2): Afterhours on HD-2 with my show “The Clubs Closed”

When your shift is (day & time):  5:00 to 6:00pm EST on Fridays. I do bi-weekly live mixes with my DJ deck playing everything from Techno and Trance to Eurodance. Between each live mix, I play sets from my favorite DJ’s around the world and across various genres of electronic music.

Your all-time favorite album and why: My all-time favorite album has to be Innerspeaker by Tame Impala. I have a soft-spot for Australian psychedelic/indie rock and this album has a perfect mix of trippy guitar riffs and drum rhythms that you can air jam to and sick vocals. I will never get tired of listening to this album front to back, and I highly recommend a listen if you haven’t heard of it before!

Your top 5 favorite artists/bands: In no particular order, my top 5 artists right now are Ecco2k, FJAAK, Tame Impala, 100 gecs, and Partiboi69.


How you came up with your DJ name: The name is inspiration by the Goosebumps logo. I wanted something spooky and green is my favorite color. I think it would be nice to live a life of green slime oozing out from behind different children’s horror books.

Format you will be DJ-ing on (chainsaw rock, daytime, underground, or afterhours) (HD-1 or HD-2): Nighttime rock on HD-2. 

When your shift is (day & time): Thursdays at 9pm

Your all-time favorite album and why: My favorite album of all time is Burn Pygmalion: A Better Guide to Romance by The Scary Jokes. This is because they got me through the beginnings of quarantine back in March.

Your top 5 favorite artists/bands: My top 5 artists and bands are Joji, The Scary Jokes, Rex Orange County, Sure Sure, and The Shins.


How you came up with your DJ name: My title is a nickname derived from my middle name, Simone. My mom always comes up with random nicknames, and Mona V was one of them. She has become my designated alter ego; whose name varies in spelling depending on the occasion.

Format you will be DJ-ing on (chainsaw rock, daytime, underground, or afterhours) (HD-1 or HD-2): Afterhours on HD-2

When your shift is (day & time): I actually haven’t signed up for my first shift yet so we’ll see. I’ll definitely be on in the late hours, though.

Your all-time favorite album and why: It’s really hard to narrow one down but for now, I’ll say that my all-time favorite is Breath From Another by Esthero. It was a childhood favorite that used to play while I slept and it continues to age well. The fusions of trip hop and R&B, along with the lamenting tone throughout, have always connected with me. It’s a lovely project.

Your top 5 favorite artists/bands: Pharrell, Hiatus Kaiyote, Jon Bap, A Tribe Called Quest, and Little Dragon.


How you came up with your DJ name or what inspired it: There was a guy in high school who would call me that. I never knew if he was saying “T-Time” or “T-Tom.” I assumed the first because he played a lot of golf. Then I start the DJ training class and Laura calls me T-Time a couple of times (I think it’s hilarious, given that they had no idea). 

Format you will be DJ-ing on (chainsaw rock, daytime, underground, or afterhours) (HD-1 or HD-2): Daytime on HD-2.

When your shift is (day & time): Mondays at 9pm-10pm.

Your all-time favorite album and why: Brother, Sister by mewithoutYou is my favorite album. It’s the group’s third studio album and was created during a time during the band’s transition from a hardcore/emo sound to a more acoustic/folk sound. mwY’s combination of two very dissimilar genres works so well, taking lyrical themes from Jewish, Islamic, and Bhuddist philosophy and poems. The vocals are by far my favorite part of the album (and the band in general), it’s not really “singing” but more like reciting deeply personal poetry. There’s passion on every track and generally, a must-listen for anyone! This album is so diverse, I think anyone can find at least one song they like off Brother, Sister.

Your top 5 favorite artists/bands: Jack White, mewithoutYou, Smashing Pumpkins, David Bowie, Cap’n Jazz.

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DJ Tips from DJ Butter

(DJ butter in the stu)

This is my third semester working for WKNC, and it’s been AMAZING. The best part of my week is ploppin’ down in the studio, playing my music, and getting on air. It’s honestly such a great feeling to share my favorite music with Raleigh. To anyone who’s considering being a DJ at WKNC: DO IT. You for sure won’t regret it, and there are tons of opportunities for paid positions too!

At the beginning, I had major imposter syndrome every time I came to do my shift. I was so scared that I was going to mess up somehow (which I did do many times in various ways). Here are some things I wish I could tell myself when I first started:

1. RELAX. Take a deep breath before you start speaking on air. It’s okay to be nervous at first, but the more you calm down, the less you’ll stutter.

2. That being said, it’s OKAY TO MESS UP. I mean, don’t say something that’ll get us fined, but if you fumble over your words or accidentally say the wrong song title, I assure you the world will not collapse and burn.

3. When you first start, write your script down. We learned this in DJ training, but a young, naïve DJ butter thought she could just go in headfirst and ended up failing miserably. Eventually, you’ll be comfortable enough to improv, but it’s always good to keep using a script if you want to!

4. Don’t be intimidated by all the technology. You’ll learn it with time, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re unsure, either from whoever’s in the office or by getting in touch with your trainer!

5. Plan ahead and know your playlist well, especially if you know your songs have a lot of curse words in them. Editing them out will take longer than you think it does.

6. The more you put into it, the better it’ll be. When you’re excited about the music you play, people can tell! One of the best feelings is having someone call in and tell you they like your set.

7. Have a friend or two listen in to your set. They can tell you if you’re too quiet or if anything sounded awkward so you can know how to improve next time. It also helps to know that someone kind is listening!

8. Draw something on the whiteboard, leave a song in the song sharing jar, and introduce the next DJ!

I hope this helps, DJs! Special shoutout to one of my favorite DJs, Midsize Joe, for helping brainstorm this advice, you rock.

– DJ butter