WKNC DJs and Staff Top Tracks of 2022

The 3rd edition of our annual series!

Why post year end lists before the year is even over? That’s why we release our list on January 1.

Hope you find your next favorite songs here. You can also click the hyperlinks in DJ’s names to go to their Spinitron pages and see all their DJ sets, or check out blogs they’ve written, or follow them on Instagram, or anything else they wanted to let y’all know about.

As always, you can check out the playlist on our Spotify page.

*Denotes songs not available on Spotify.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert; Station Adviser/Radio Mom

  • The Papercuts – “I Want My Jacket Back”
  • American Aquarium- “Chicamacomico”
  • Taylor Swift – “Anti-Hero”

Maddie/cow ball; General Manager, DJ

  • Jockstrap – “Jennifer B”
  • Special Interest – “Cherry Blue Intention”
  • Grace Ives – “Lullaby”

Adrian; Program Director

  • Black Midi – “The Defence”
  • Black Country, New Road – “Basketball Shoes”
  • Big Thief – “Simulation Swarm”

Eilee/space cadet; Promotions Director, Assistant Local Music Director; DJ

  • Wednesday – “Bull Believer”
  • Black Country, New Road – “The Place Where He Inserted The Blade”
  • Kitchen – “River Song”

Caitlin; Content Manager, blog writer

  • Big Thief – “Time Escaping”
  • Mitski – “That’s Our Lamp”
  • Charli XCX – “Yuck”

Maddy/Maddog; Daytime Music Director; DJ

  • Alex G – “After All”
  • Beabadoobe – “the perfect pair”
  • The 1975 – “About You”

Jedward; Assistant Daytime Music Director; DJ; Instagram

  • Weyes Blood – “The Worst Is Done”
  • Alex G – “Mission”
  • Parannoul, Asian Glow – “Wheel”

Quaker; Afterhours Music Director, DJ

  • Cities Aviv – “CINEMA CLUB”
  • Machine Girl – “Sin to Win!”
  • Tennyson – “Iron”

Ewan/DJ off belay; Underground Music Director; DJ; blog writer

  • Kenny Mason – “DIP!”
  • Jean Dawson – “GLORY*”
  • Scubadiver – “Alligator”

Erie; Local Music Director; Interviewer; DJ

  • Sylvan Esso – “Echo Party”
  • Secret Shame – “Hide”
  • Wame – “Callin Up”

Jaden; Chainsaw Music Director; DJ

  • Denzel Curry – “Walkin”
  • Thornhill – “Arkangel”
  • Loathe – “Dimorphous Display”

dj babycakez; Social Media Content Creator; DJ

  • Grace Ives – “On The Ground”
  • Djo – “End of Beginning”

President Shrimpo; DJ; host of In the West Wing

  • Spoon – “The Hardest Cut”
  • Yard Act – “Land of the Blind”
  • Gilla Band – “The Gum”

Carter Norfleet; Video Content Creator; Instagram

  • Black Country, New Road – “Concorde”
  • black midi – “Welcome to Hell”
  • Pool Kids – “That’s Physics, Baby”

Tommy/T-Time; DJ; Podcast Content Creator; Instagram

  • foxtails – “ego death”
  • Chat Pile – “Why”
  • The Sound of Animals Fighting – “Sharon Tate, Despite Everything”

Will/Hüttemeister; DJ; blog writer

  • Jerry, at the Beach – “I’m Hurting”
  • Surf Curse – “Self Portrait”
  • Alvvays – “Many Mirrors”

Tyler/The Loaf; DJ; Interview Content Creator

  • julie – “pg.4 a picture of three hedges”
  • Leaving for Arizona – “Cowboy Killers”
  • Weymouth – “Seasons”

Gracie/grak; DJ; Instagram

  • Horsegirl – “Billy”
  • Deadharrie – “Jubilee”
  • Barrie – “Concrete”


  • Soul Glo – “Gold Chain Punk (whogonbeatmyass?)”
  • Foreign Hands – “Separation Souvenir”
  • Kaizo Slumber – “Schlierberg”

Zach/Aloe; DJ

  • Denzel Curry – “Walkin”
  • Big Thief – “No Reason”
  • Lowertown – “Bucktooth”

Erik++; DJ

  • Yndling – “Like Love is Real”
  • Divino Nino – “Drive”
  • Alexander Wallin – “Hyperambient I”

J/Malocchio; DJ; Instagram

  • Theater’s Kiss – “Konig”
  • French Police – “LLORAR”
  • L’ment – “Odraz”

Leksie/leksipro; DJ

  • The Garden – “What Else Could I Be But A Jester”
  • Wet Leg – “Being in Love”
  • Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers – “AHHHH!”

Benjamin/Your Friendly Local Bird-Themed Noisemaker; DJ; original music on Youtube and Soundcloud

  • *SABI – “My Poor Brain”
  • Ben Levin – “That’s What Lunch Was Like”
  • New Space – “Secret Admirer”

Sarah/Scrimble; DJ

  • MUNA – “Silk Chiffon”
  • Carly Rae Jepson – “Surrender My Heart”
  • Seeing Double – “Leah”

Zach/Zen; DJ

  • Jakey – “DRIVE OFF A BRIDGE”
  • Jakey – “FAT HEAD”

Bug/Velvet Worm; DJ

  • Jockstrap – “Concrete Over Water”
  • Scandisk7 – “Aokinaoi”
  • Pretty Sick – “Self Fulfilling Prophecy”

dj bluegill; DJ

  • Black Country, New Road – “Concorde”
  • JID – “Dance Now”
  • Weyes Blood – “God Turn Me Into A Flower”

Ben/dj chef; DJ; blog writer

  • Black Thought & Danger Mouse (ft. MF DOOM) – “Belize”
  • Abbie from Mars – “DreamDreamDream”
  • Yaya Bey – “reprise”

mike utt; DJ; Instagram

  • Fievel Is Glauque – “Save The Phenomenon”
  • Dry Cleaning – “Gary Ashby”
  • Horsegirl – “Anti-glory”

Jacob/Chuck Rockwood; DJ

  • Matt Rise – “Falling in Love”
  • The Smile – “You Will Never Work in Television Again”
  • Jean Dawson – “PORN ACTING*”

Sanath/DJ Fives; DJ

  • Bladee feat. Ecco2k – “5 Star Crest (4 Vattenrum)”
  • Weezer – “Records”
  • The Smile – “We Don’t Know What Tomorrow Brings”

chalcopyrite; DJ

  • death’s dynamic shroud – “Messe de E-102”
  • Naked Flames – “Tennessee Transit”
  • Chat Pile – “grimace_smoking_weed.jpeg”

Banshee; DJ

  • Julmud – “Kalma'”
  • Dora Jar – “Lagoon”
  • Jerard – “House trumpet”

Rodeo Romeo; DJ; Website

  • Hiding Places – “Actin’ Ugly”
  • Jeffrey Lewis – “Finish The Book”
  • Big Thief – “Simulation Swarm”

DJ SHEETZ; DJ; blog writer

  • Charli XCX – “Twice”
  • JID – “Raydar”
  • Soft Blue Shimmer – “Prism of Feeling”

johnny ghost; DJ

  • Frankie and the Witch Fingers – “Electricide”
  • King Khan and the Shrines – “Children of the World”
  • Tejon Street Corner Thieves – “Love’s Pilot”

Doris/dj habanero; DJ

  • p-rallel, Rachel Chinouriri, Venna- “Can’t Get Enough”
  • Kilo Kish, Jean Dawson- “CHOICE COWBOY”
  • Bien et Toi, Biig Piig- “Rainbow Tables”

Sam/Milo Minderbender; DJ

  • black midi – “Welcome to Hell”
  • Dry Cleaning – “Gary Ashby”
  • Denzel Curry – “Walkin”

Dylan Tincher/DJ Dylatonin; DJ; Instagram

  • LCD Soundsystem – “new body rhumba”
  • Djo – “On and On”
  • Automatic – “Teen Beat”

Rainbow Riot; DJ; Instagram

  • Little Simz – “Gorilla”
  • Ezra Collective – “No Confusion (feat. Kojey Radical)”
  • The WAEVE – “Kill Me Again”

tetrapod; DJ

  • Jockstrap – “Debra”
  • Perfume Genius – “Pop Song”
  • Planet 1999 – “crush”

Justin/JustinTime; DJ

  • black midi – “Welcome To Hell”
  • Ginger Root – “Over the Hill”
  • Jockstrap – “Greatest Hits”

Gibson/DJ gibogib; DJ

  • Daphni – “Cloudy”
  • Hikaru Utada – “Find Love”
  • Certified Trapper – “Freak Like Me”

Zeddy; DJ

  • Black Country, New Road – “The Place Where He Inserted the Blade”
  • Big Thief – “Simulation Swarm”
  • Rome Streetz – “Reversible”

WKNC’s Top Tracks of 2021

We’re back with another yearly tracks playlist! You can check out our 2020 post on our blog or on our Spotify.

For those that are new here, we reached out to our staff and DJs and asked them to submit their three favorite songs that came out in 2021. We made a Spotify playlist of all the tracks, but note that not all songs are available on Spotify, so we only added what we can. Songs with an asterisk (*) denotes songs that aren’t available on Spotify, so they aren’t in the playlist.

Click on the links with each staff member’s name to view their content and/or their WKNC DJ sets.

With this out of the way, let’s get into it!

Maddie; General Manager, occasional DJ

  • Spellling – “Boys at School”
  • Wednesday- “Cody’s Only”

Jamie Lynn Gilbert; Station Advisor/Station Mom

  • CHVRCHES – “Good Girls”
  • American Aquarium – “John Deere Green”
  • Michigander – “Let Down”

Molly/dj mothball; Program Director, DJ

  • Beverly Glenn Copeland – “Let Us Dance (Arca Remix)”
  • * Secret Boyfriend– “Ladies Who”
  • Xeno & Oaklander – “Raingarden”

Grant “Eubanks” Eubanks; Promotions Director, DJ

  • boylife – “amphetamine”
  • Parcels – “LIGHT”

DJ Lazuli; Daytime Music Director, DJ

  • Squid – “Pamphlets”
  • Parannoul – “Beautiful World”
  • Turnstile – “Blackout”

Marshall; Underground Music Director, Content Contributor, DJ

  • Tyler, The Creator – “JUGGERNAUT (feat. Lil Uzi Vert and Pharrell)”
  • Turnstile – “DON’T PLAY”

Calcifer; Afterhours Music Director, DJ

  • Azealia Banks – “Tarantula”
  • Arca – “Prada”
  • CFCF – “Life is Perfecto”

Harlan/DJ HRLN; Assistant Afterhours Music Director, DJ (Find non-WKNC DJ mixes/sets here:

  • FJAAK – “Basement”
  • LSDXOXO – “The Devil”

Gibson; Chainsaw Music Director

  • Green Lung – “Graveyard Sun”
  • Drune – “Giant’s Blood”
  • * Bloody Keep – “Mourning Dawn”

Whippo/Whippopatomus; Assistant Local Music Director, Content Creator, DJ

  • Jooselord – “Quarantine”
  • 1pump – “GOAT”
  • TiaCorine – “Pancakes”

dj mozzie; Assistant Daytime Music Director

  • Phoebe Bridgers – “That Funny Feeling”
  • Beach House – “New Romance”
  • Sufjan Stevens, Angelo De Augustine – “Back To Oz” 

Plover; Content Creator, DJ

  • Rezz, PVRIS – “Sacrifical”
  • Ruth Mascelli – “One For The Voyeurs”
  • Wild Pink – “You Can Have It Back”

Kyle; Podcaster

  • Earl Sweatshirt – “2010”
  • Spellling – “Little Deer”

Caitlin/carbon copy; Blog Content Creator, DJ

  • Taylor Swift – “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)”
  • Indigo de Souza – “Die/Cry”
  • The Mountain Goats – “Lizard Suit”

Elle; Video Content Creator

  • Injury Reserve – “Knees”
  • Wednesday – “Three Sisters”

Owen/hermajesty; Interview Content Creator, DJ

  • thanks for coming – “Free Willy”
  • Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers – “AHHHH!”
  • Pist Idiots – “Juliette”

satyr summer; DJ

  • KETTAMA – “Saint Laurent”
  • NANORAY – “Tempest”
  • * Against All Logic – “Cus I’m Different Now”

Deethony Jaythony; DJ (Graduated May 2021)(we miss him)

  • Porter Robinson – “Look at the Sky”
  • Japanese Breakfast – “Paprika”
  • Injury Reserve – “Top Picks For You”

President Shrimpo; DJ

  • IDLES– “Car Crash”
  • Amyl and the Sniffers – “Hertz”
  • Pip Blom – “It Should’ve Been Fun”

Fullmetal Racket; DJ

  • Jeff Rosenstock – “Airwalks (Alt)”
  • SeeYouSpaceCowboy… – “Life as a Soap Opera Plot, 26 Years Running”
  • Undo K From Hot – “Missing Information”

Your Friendly Local Bird-Themed Noise Maker; DJ

  • voljum – “café mañana”
  • Bent Knee – “Queer Gods”
  • Efterklang – “Åbent Sår (feat. The Field)”

Ewan; DJ Off Belay

  • Paris Texas – “Bullseye”
  • Earl Sweatshirt – “2010”
  • Clairo – “Amoeba”

Eddie; DJ Osiris

  • Madlib – “Road of the Lonely Ones”
  • Isaiah Rashad – “Headshots (4r Da Locals)”
  • Yeek – 3000 Miles (Baby Baby)

H.W. Longfella; DJ

  • Lil Ugly Mane – “porcelain slightly”
  • Fievel Is Glauque – “Goodbye”
  • Bruiser Wolf – “Use Me (I’m Dope)”

toad maiden; DJ

  • Webbed Wing – “Taylor’s Theme”
  • Turnstile – “HOLIDAY”
  • Fuzz – “Earthen Gate – Live”

johnny ghost; DJ

  • Shannon & The Clams – “Midnight Wine”
  • Des Rocs – “Ruby with the Sharpest Lies”
  • La Luz – “The Pines”

young iowa; DJ

  • Knocked Loose – “Permanent”
  • Spiritbox – “Hurt You”
  • Gulch – “Bolt Swallower”

Lise Nox; DJ

  • Arlo Parks – “Eugene”
  • HAIM – “Los Angeles”
  • SEB – “god of the sunsets”

T-Time; DJ

  • SeeYouSpaceCowboy… – Misinterpreting Constellations
  • Pinegrove – “Orange”
  • Origami Angel – “Neutrogena Spektor”

Brice; DJ Snapdragon

  • Smino – “I Deserve (w/ NOS.)”
  • Bad Bunny – “Lo Siento BB:/”
  • Father – “Let’s Kick His Ass!”

Zen; DJ

  • The 8-Bit Big Band, Tiffany Mann – “Snake Eater (From “Metal Gear Solid 3″)”
  • H ZETTRIO – “風待月”
  • La La Lars – “Det Blev Sent”

DJ Zoink

  • Dumb – “Pretty Sick”
  • TV Girl, Jordana – “Summer’s Over”
  • Xiu Xiu – “A Bottle of Rum (ft. Liz Harris)”

DJ lil witch

  • Kero Kero Bonito – “Well Rested”
  • Japanese Breakfast – “Be Sweet”
  • Rosie Tucker – “Ambrosia”

space cadet; DJ

  • Wednesday – “Cody’s Only”
  • Shame – “Snow Day”
  • Black Midi – “Ascending Forth”

DJ Ethanol

  • Stan Christ – “Trepidation”
  • UNIIQU3 – “Microdosing”
  • L Major – “Can’t Do It”

Ben; chef

  • DJ Sabrina the Teenage DJ – “Spirit”
  • Lael Neale – “How Far Is It to the Grave”
  • Sufjan Stevens and Angelo De Augustine – “Back to Oz”

Wild Waste; upcoming Chainsaw DJ and Podcast Creator

  • Mastodon – “Pain With An Anchor”
  • Animals as Leaders – “Monomyth”
  • Gojira – “Sphinx”

dj carabiner

  • Hand Habits – “Clean Air”
  • The Weather Station – “Tried to Tell You”
  • Sharon Van Etten, Angel Olsen – “Like I Used To”

DJ Head Hunter

  • Jessie Ware – “Please”
  • Doss – “Puppy”
  • Hiatus Kaiyote – “Red Room”
DJ Highlights

Ride Along with Chancellor Randy Woodson

Friday, October 1 was World College Radio Day. WKNC had a jam-packed 24 hour schedule that included nonstop DJs on HD-1, various sets on HD-2, and a full livestream of the event on our YouTube channel. We’re still processing all the footage from the event, so stay tuned for a video recap.

The climax of the entire event was a special guest appearance by Chancellor Randy Woodson, who appeared as a guest on 3 Bears in a Coat’s show Ride Along at 3 p.m.

Chancellor Woodson split his set into three parts; the Muscle Shoals sound, Southern Rock, and songs he’s enjoying now. Although we can’t share his recorded set due to music copyright law, we can provide the playlist– which we also uploaded to Spotify for you to enjoy.

Below you can find 3 Bears in a Coat’s reflection on the event, a transcript of Randy’s air breaks, as well as some pictures from the event.


WKNC’s 24 Hour WCRD Set: Schedule

World College Radio Day is this Friday, Oct. 1.

In honor of the event, WKNC will be hosting 24 straight hours of DJ sets on our HD-1 channel, as well as select sets on HD-2 and a YouTube live stream featuring various activities for the entire event. The 24 hours start at 12 a.m. on Friday and will go until 11:59 that night.

The HD-1 DJs will follow our (modified) traditional schedule of Afterhours/Underground from 12-7 a.m., then Daytime from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. (with Local Lunch still occurring at noon), and Chainsaw will go from 7-11:59 p.m. You can check the full HD-1 lineup schedule below.

HD-2 DJs have full reign to play whatever style they want, so, again, read below to see the full schedule.

The live stream will be hosted on our YouTube channel and will show our HD-1 studio, so you can watch all your favorite DJs play live, as well as our Production Room/HD-2, which will be hosting various activities throughout the night – which, if you guessed it, can also be found on our schedule below.

The live stream of the HD-1 Studio will have to be muted, as copyrighted music is not allowed on YouTube. However, you can listen to everything the DJs are playing in HD-1 by tuning into our webstream. Keep an eye on our Spinitron page as well, to catch all the songs the DJs are playing.

The full schedule of activities is below. Please keep in mind that this schedule is subject to change at the discretion of the DJs, and the best way to stay updated with the schedule is to check this blog post.

HD-1 Schedule

12-1 a.m.johnny ghostHD2 Night Rock DJ johnny ghost revives his high school electro-swing obsession for his debut on HD1 with his first (and last?) Afterhours set.
1-2 calciferlogon from 1-2 a.m. to hear dj calcifer’s electronic set “for the girls.” WARNING! dance-inducing.
2-3 a.m.cow ballThe General Manager at WKNC, previously known for her Radio Fuzz sets that would deep dive into various niche alternative rock genres, brings a one-hour set of hard, experimental Afterhours and Underground music.
3-4 a.m. dj mothballtune into dj mothball’s “wormwood star”, the heaviest, elemental electronic tracks to fill your 3 to 4 a.m. hour~~~
4-5 a.m. SnapdragonThe best looking DJ at KNC provides you with some of the finest alt R&B.
5-6 a.m. hermajestyPart nu disco, part techno, part electronic sea shanty remixes, All Nautical Nonsense.
6-7 a.m. WhippopatomusThe hippest spooky set to set off the spooky season.
7-8 a.m. Rainbow RiotPlaying you the very best in music from all decades, including all the hits, back-catalog tracks, and forgotten tunes your speakers can handle.
8-9 a.m. BansheeMusic to listen to in the car wash (but only if you have a flexible antenna).
9-10 a.m. DJ Lazuli x DJ SHEETZDJ Lazuli and DJ Sheetz take on the spirit of fall and play some of their favorite indie rock tunes that make them want to drink a pumpkin spice latte.
10-11 a.m. dj [redacted]Bringing you a fun variety of indie music from across the galaxy.
11 a.m.-12 p.m. MonaveeYou’ve found the spot for tunes that lie between the bounds of alternative R&B and soul, deep house and experimental electronic music.
12-1 p.m.DJ PON-3WKNC’s station adviser takes a trip down memory lane with some of her favorite music made in North Carolina.
1-2 p.m. toad maidenThe mellowest, funkiest, grooviest rarities and gems from the ’60s-’70s. Tune in for classic rock, psychedelia, funk, proto-metal, and everything in between.
2-3 p.m. The Dizzy MelonFly overseas with your pilot, The Dizzy Melon, and experience the funky music of Japan!!
3-4 p.m. Chancellor Randy Woodson w/ 3 Bears in a Coat NC State University Chancellor Randy Woodson comes on to do a set in celebration of College Radio Day, joined by 3 Bears in a Coat for a Ride Along with the Chancellor.
4-5 p.m. big hoss & DJ Lizzo x Big SamGirls Guide to the Outlaw Spirit join Big Sam of Both Kinds Radio for a split set.
5-6 p.m. DJ Skunk ApePlaying the latest and greatest in grimy, gritty garage, punk rock and metal.
6-7 p.m. DJ SHEETZ x DJ MangoDJ SHEETZ and DJ Mango play music that makes you feel like a teenager in a coming of age film. You are the main character, and this is your soundtrack.
7-8 p.m. T-TimeAn hour of skramz, get over it.
8-9 p.m. Uncle PaulUncle Paul’s classic Friday night set, but only an hour long.
9-10 p.m. EubanksAbsolute tomfoolery and havoc. Nobody is ready.
10-11 p.m. dj gibogib (Chainsaw Music Director)Some classic metal, some slow, some fast, all of it loud.
11 p.m.-12 a.m.young iowaAn eclectic mix of metal and hardcore to finish off the bestest day in college radio.

HD-2 Schedule

Blank slots do not have anything scheduled during that time period.

12-1 a.m.
1-2 a.m.ZenSmooth jazz for the night listeners.
2-3 a.m.
4-5 a.m.
5-6 a.m.
6-7 a.m.
7-8 a.m.Your Friendly Local Bird-Themed NoisemakerDawn Chorus – bird-themed electronic grooves to wake up to.
8-9 a.m.
9-10 a.m.
10-11 a.m.
11 a.m.-12 p.m. DJ LazuliDJ Lazuli books a metal show for the Roadhouse. Giants may appear.
12-1 p.m.
1-2 p.m.DJ LazuliDJ Lazuli decides the synthpop he normally plays isn’t enough and plays a fully electronic show.
2-3 p.m.
3-4 p.m.
4-5 p.m.PloverA slow descent into techno madness
5-6 p.m.PloverA slow descent into techno madness
6-7 p.m.PloverA slow descent into techno madness
7-8 p.m.PloverA slow descent into techno madness
8-9 p.m.PloverYou are no doubt mad by now
9-10 p.m.carbon copyTunes for life’s big and little moments, curated by yours truly.
10-11 p.m.carbon copyAll things indie and/or rock <3
11 p.m.-12 a.m.

Livestream Schedule

Blank slots do not have anything scheduled during that time period.

12-1 a.m.3 Bears in a CoatWelcome!
1-2 a.m.
2-3 a.m.hermajestyNo Thingz Considered live recording
3-4 a.m.hermajestyNo Thingz Considered live recording/Lalic interview
4-5 a.m.hermajestyLalic interview
5-6 a.m.SilyaLet’s Talk Horror: All about horror movies
6-7 a.m.
7-8 a.m.3 Bears in a CoatTop of Day!
8-9 a.m.
9-10 a.m.
10-11 a.m.
11 a.m.-12 p.m.3 Bears in a CoatThe Worst Game of Telephone
12-1 p.m.
1-2 mothballWKNC Buttonmaking
2-3 p.m.
3-4 p.m.
4-5 p.m.
5-6 p.m.3 Bears in a CoatRapidfire DJ interviews
6-7 p.m.
7-8 p.m.3 Bears in a CoatMafia
8-9 p.m.
9-10 p.m.
10-11 p.m.
11 p.m.-12 a.m.3 Bears in a CoatGoodbye!

Band/Artist Profile Concert Preview Festival Coverage

Bands to Watch at Hopscotch 2021: Patois Counselors

General Manager Maddie here to tell you all about a band I’m very excited to see play this year’s Hopscotch Festival: Patois Counselors.

Before I indulge in my own personal relationship to the band, the important information to know is that they’re playing Hopscotch tomorrow, Sept 9, on the Moore Square stage at 3:45PM. In terms of genre, they fall under the wide umbrella of “post punk”, so check ’em out if you like stuff like Parquet Courts or Gang of Four.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I’m going to tell you my story about the discovery of one of my favorite local bands. We have to go all the way back to October 2018, the fall of my first year at NC State. One of my favorite bands, Screaming Females, was playing a show at one of my favorite venues, the Milestone, in Charlotte, North Carolina. The only problem with this fantastic set-up was that I was stuck in Raleigh without a car. So, I got together with a friend of mine who had a car, agreed to skip my calculus class (the first class I ever skipped in college!) and we drove 2 and a half hours to see Screaming Females.

They were great, of course, but that’s not who I’m here to talk about. I’m here to talk about the second band I saw at the Milestone that night, a local opener called TKO Faith Healer. I didn’t have high expectations; based on the band name, I was expecting some sort of Southern garage-rocky type dad band. However, as they began playing, I found myself enjoying their music a lot more than I was expecting. I’m not gonna say it was like nothing I had ever heard before, but at this time in my life, I wasn’t really listening to bands like Wire or Powerplant much, and I certainly didn’t know how much I would come to love bands like that later on in my life. Besides being sonically interesting, they also played just an overall super clean and tight set.

Also, I have to add that their singer came out wearing an Amnesia Scanner long sleeve t shirt. I did not know who Amnesia Scanner was at the time, but now, I look back on this move and realize how cool it is. Any guy in an “indie rock” band wearing an Amnesia Scanner shirt is a cool guy.

Unfortunately, TKO Faith Healer didn’t have any songs up on Spotify at this point (and they sadly still do not, but they have one EP on Bandcamp), so I more or less forgot about them after the show. I’ve gotten better at this since 2018, but really, the convenience of being on Spotify is a selling factor on if I’ll listen to a band’s music or not- I know, I know, but I gotta make sure all my songs scrobble!

In October 2020- two years later- I was browsing Instagram and came across a post from Charlotte independent record store Lunchbox Records (the second best thing about Charlotte, with the first being the Milestone) that instantly captivated me. I’m a big album artwork guy, and my opinions on an album can strongly be swayed by the album art alone. I had one glance at the eerie, larger-than-life eyeball painting and knew I was gonna like the album. Also, the band was from Charlotte, and I’m always looking for more local bands to love.

I remember quickly going to Spotify and checking out songs from the band’s previous album, Proper Release, in anticipation of the new album. When the new album came out, I proudly uploaded some songs from The Optimal Seat into WKNC’s Local Lunch segment, because our local segment definitely needs some more post-punk.

Since then, the album has been a local favorite of mine, and I find new songs and parts to enjoy with every listen. Some of my favorite tracks are the super-danceable yet anxious The Galvanizer, and angular, jerky Give Me Voltage. I also still continue to be absolutely transfixed by the album artwork; it’s probably one of my favorite album covers of all time (you can see more paintings by the artist on her website, although none of them strike me like the red eye featured on the Optimal Seat).

Now, to get back to TKO Faith Healer- I’m not quite sure when exactly it was, but at one point, I thought back to the band I saw open for Screaming Females and thought they sounded familiar to a new band I had recently discovered. I did some research, and sure enough, TKO Faith Healer lead singer and Amnesia Scanner-enjoyer Bo White was the vocalist in Patois Counselors. While doing research for this post, I discovered White actually has a slew of other Charlotte bands under his wing- basically, I have a lot of new music to listen to.

But, for now, I’m gonna get ready for Patois Counselors’ performance by re-listening to the album that captured my attention from the first second I saw it. I hope you’re able to catch Patois Counselors’ set tomorrow, but if not, you can listen to their music anytime.

Festival Coverage

WKNC x NC State University Libraries Hopscotch Day Party 2021

It’s Hopscotch season in the Triangle! Hopscotch is returning to downtown Raleigh for its eleventh year on Sept. 9-11.

WKNC has partnered with NC State University Libraries to present our 2021 official Hopscotch Day Party, on Sept. 9, from noon to 3 p.m. Occurring outside of DH Hill Jr Library facing Hillsborough Street, this event is free and open to the public; you don’t need a ticket to Hopscotch to attend.

The party is not only a showcase of North Carolina electronic musicians but also of WKNC alumni talent; every performer has been involved with WKNC in the past. We’re excited to welcome back former DJs and staff to the campus.

The event will be live-streamed via NC State University Libraries’ Twitch channel.

Check out the official flyer below, and read on to get a short bio of each of the musicians, written by WKNC General Manager Maddie.

WKNC and NC State University Libraries Hopscotch Day Party with midcentury modular, en-decay, JOB and Sand Pact.
WKNC and NC State University Libraries Hopscotch Day Party with midcentury modular, en-decay, JOB and Sand Pact. Design by Maddie.

The lineup is designed in a way to start on the more chill and ambient side of electronic, and slowly turn heavier by the end of the showcase.

Starting off the showcase is midcentury modular. midcentury modular was a WKNC DJ for 3 years between 2011 and 2014, as well as working with our Daytime music block. As the name might suggest, midcentury modular makes modular synth music, exploring the various environments that can be created. Some of his work, like the release “snow,” is more sparse and desolate, while others, like the release “a weekend,” play around with beeps and boops to create a fun, uplifting atmosphere. I’ve always wanted to see a modular synth performance and I’m excited to watch his set.

Changing paces next is en-decay. Cyrus has been producing electronic music and DJing under the name en-decay since 2012, making glitchy, IDM-like music that also takes inspiration from various other electronic genres, such as industrial or ambient. They started working as a freelance DJ for events in high school then as an Afterhours DJ for WKNC for 2 years. They’ve collaborated with a variety of artistic groups such as Windhover, Sinetology, and Maison Fauna, planning and playing events and festivals around North Carolina. They’ve been uploading releases since 2017 to their Bandcamp page, so have fun browsing for a bit.

Next is JOB. JOB started DJing at WKNC in the spring of 2019. In the summer of 2019 he hosted a Sunday underground show called Clocking Out. He also helped record a few live sessions in The Lounge. JOB’s music consists of super fun and fast-paced mixes, consisting of artists like Toro y Moi, Azealia Banks and Ariana Grande. His bio on mixcloud simply says “girls + gays only”, if you can’t already tell what his musical vibe is based on the aforementioned artists. I am very much ready to dance to this set.

And lastly, we have Sand Pact. Hema of Sand Pact was involved with WKNC from 2014-2018, in which she worked as a DJ (first as DJ iCloud, and later as Gudiya), graphic designer, and promotions director, as well as began the WKNC zine. Hema invited Alex onto her DJ sets and the two began their love for playing electronic music together. I discovered Sand Pact a few years ago when I was trying to discover more Triangle-based artists, and I really dug their sound and entire aesthetic. They have a pretty harsh sound, consisting of various strange noises layered over industrial beats. I’m super happy to have them play this set, as I’ve been wanting to see how their live show looks ever since I first discovered them.

I hope you discovered your new favorite North Carolinian electronic musician, and are able to come out to our showcase.

Music News and Interviews

Some of WKNC’s Top Adds recently!

Hello everyone who browses our blog,

I’m Buzz, and when I’m not DJing my own personal sets, I’m working as the Daytime Music Director. What this means is that I choose songs that play on-air at WKNC when a live DJ isn’t in to play their own music. I specifically choose songs to play during our Daytime segments, which are indie/alternative rock.

Here’s some artists and tracks I’ve added recently.

The Beths- If you don’t listen to The Beths, what are you doing? They’re so good. This song has been stuck in my head a lot recently. RIYL Charly Bliss, illuminati hotties, eating ice cream outside during summer, the like.

Madeline Kinney- For those of you that like the more chill, slow indie stuff in the vein of Big Thief and Phoebe Bridgers. Check out this song.

Fontaines D.C.- I only recently jumped on the hype train for these guys, and dang I was missing out so much. This is the coolest song I’ve heard recently. RIYL Ought’s song “Beautiful Blue Sky,” which is also a super cool song.

IDLES- Grounds. Definitely my favorite of the three singles they’ve released so far from their upcoming album, Ultra Mono, out late September. Y’all know I’ll be adding a ton of stuff from that new album. RIYL the song above (I have gotten so obsessed with all this new (post?-)post-punk stuff recently), pretending your a British person in the 1980s fighting against inequality or something like that.

Dream Nails- Vagina Police. I actually hadn’t ever heard of this group until like, a day ago, when I was getting a ton of emails about it. Good stuff. RIYL if you like punk songs that are under two minutes long, and local Triangle punk legends The Muslims and BANGZZZ. 

I hope you found your next favorite band on this list!