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Album Review: Tash Sultana – Terra Firma (2021)

So, we all know that I love me some Tash Sultana, and when I found out that they were coming out with a new album, I absolutely geeked. Tash Sultana is just a breath of fresh air and their music always speaks to me. Their new album, “Terra Firma” is no different. 

This album is very different from their previous album, “Flow State” (which we all know is one of my favorite albums of all-time). Sultana incorporates different musical themes and instruments throughout each song; I think this is cool because it makes each song different and unique. Almost every song makes me feel like I am the main character of a movie and I absolutely love it. Let’s take a look at some of the songs that stood out to me on the album. 

The album opens with an instrumental track, “Musk,” which sets the tone, really, well for the rest of the album. It appears that Sultana is sticking to some of her musical roots but is also adding a little bit of flavor so the songs don’t sound the same. Their second song, “Crop Circles,” has to be one of my favorite songs off the album because it reminds me of their album “Flow State,” but with more of a jazzier feel. “Greed” is also another great song which talks about the music industry and how they only love you when you “make it big.” This song has the jazz, indie, lo-fi type vibe which I am in love with. Another song that I keep playing off this album is “Dream My Life Away” which is a very dreamy song. The song says a lot even when, lyrically, the song says so little. Sultana has always been good at capturing emotions not only though their lyrics but also through their instruments. 

Overall, this album is very enjoyable. It contains 14 songs and takes an hour to play front to back. The vibe of the album is jazzy with a hint of indie and upbeat tempo. I really enjoyed listening to this album and even though it is far different from “Flow State” it is definitely worth a listen. 

Rating: 7/10 

Favorite Songs: Crop Circles, Greed, Musk, Dream My Life Away 

Stay Metal, 


New Album Review

Smerz- “Believer”

ALBUM: “Believer” by Smerz


LABEL: XL Recordings

RATING: 10/10

BEST TRACKS: “I don’t talk that much,” “Flashing” and “The favourite”


The new Smerz album, “Believer,” dropped this February and with it came many music videos! This is very exciting and made me want to switch things up from our typical album review format. The videos perfectly visualize the album and truly expand the listening (and now viewing) experience. So, why just stick to reviewing the songs, when I could rate my favorites in order?

With that being said, here are my favorite music videos from the “Believer” album (from least favorite to favorite). Enjoy 🙂 

“Hva hvis”  

Technically, this belongs to the “I don’t talk that much” video, but it feels very separate to me. It’s so calm and serene. I wish I was there right about now. 


This video is very ethereal and reminds me of a childhood fairytale. It’s very classical and very beautiful. I especially love the emphasis on nature that seems to continue throughout the entire album’s videos. 

“Grand Piano”

I LOVE this video. It perfectly encompasses their Copenhagen background and style. It’s simple and very natural, just a bunch of people running around in the grass and their sweet little white puppy dog chasing them around aimlessly. I love it.

“I don’t talk that much”

This is my favorite song on the album. It’s so fast and I love how they juxtaposed this with the classical dancing and all white dress. Catharina Stoltenberg wears the same white dress in the Believer video, so there’s some continuity here too. This was super close to being my number 1 and I’m still torn!!

“Flashing”  (WARNING- There are flashing lights in this video)

Number 1 on my list! “Flashing” is so fun. The entire video is set in the driver’s seat of a car as Henriette Motzfeldt, one of the two in the duo that is Smerz, sits and sings. There are so many cool, small details such as the light from the cigarette she smokes when the light flashes to dark. I also love, love, love this song so much. 

I hope you check out the album and its videos and enjoy as much as I did.



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New Music Alert: Loving

I can already tell that I am going to be loving this band. Loving is a slow-wave indie bedroom rock band from Canada. Their music gives off the impression of a lazy sunday, which pockets of sun poking in through the windows as the rain taps against the glass. The band consists of a group of three from Canada, who play sparse, intimate songs. 

The band started back in 2015 when David Parry and Jesse and Lucas Henderson, who are brothers, started recording music together. It was initially a long-distance project, since some members of the trio were in Victoria while others were in Toronto. However, their initial success inspired the trio to become a full-time band and set up shop in Victoria. 

The music of Loving is like psychedelic folk. It’s calming, relaxing, and uplifting all at once. Loving’s first album is their self-titled debut, which came out back in 2016. My favorite song is “The Not Real Lake,” closely followed by “Bowlly Goes Dancing Drunk Into the Future” and “A Long Slow Little Wave / Citizen, An Activity.” Their second album, “If I Am Only My Thoughts,” came out in 2020. It is a bit more fast-paced and features more acoustic sounds than their debut album. From this I would choose “A Mirror for Two Voices” and “Only She Knows” as my favorites. 

You can love, you can leave it, and say you’re nothing without it, but don’t sleep on Loving. 
Hope you guys enjoy the tunes, 
-The DJ Formerly Known As Chippypants

New Album Review

Album Review: I’ve Seen All I Need to See

An album cover featuring macabre imagery

New harsh noise music is hard to come by, and it’s even harder to find noise that’s worth your time, but praise be, The Body have come through. The Providence, Rhode Island duo have been minor celebrities in noise and metal communities for a while, and they have moved through numerous styles in the nearly 20 years since their debut. Their 2016 album No One Deserves Happiness, is a favorite of mine for its absolutely bonkers incorporation of dance and art-pop elements into their barren hellscape of a sound, and genre enthusiasts assure me that some of their metal-oriented stuff is good as well, though I personally don’t care for it.

This new album, however, is something altogether more primal and terrifying. Going back to power electronic basics is kind of the noise artist equivalent of an indie rock band putting out a folk album, or of Taylor Swift releasing an indie project, and accordingly, these albums usually get listened to by a handful of fans before moving on to the next major release. I’ve Seen All I Need to See breaks this mold, taking a cold, unpleasant sound palate and deepening it into a genuinely moving experience. There aren’t bombastic highs, like on some of their albums, and there aren’t really dredging lows either, instead, the album asks you to just sit with for an hour or so and take it in. Slowly, the rough grimy exterior slips into something melancholic and wistful. Distorted synth tones feel almost melodic and the distance scream becomes a gentle descant. For a genre with an all too limited range, this album is awfully subtle, and you could attach a host of different emotions to it. Anger, loneliness, even something more uplifting, the choice is yours.

This album won’t be for everyone, noise music is an acquired taste at the best of times, usually because of its abrasion, but in this case more because of the slow burn, instrumental feel. However, if you like noise, ambient, drone, or even more lowkey metal artists like Sun O))) I’d recommend this release, there’s a reward for your patience down in there somewhere.

ALBUM: “I’ve Seen All I Needed to See” by The Body


LABEL: Trill Jockey

RATING: 7/10

New Album Review

New Single Review: Cannibal Corpse – Inhumane Harvest (2021)


Okay, now that I got that out of my system, let’s talk about this new Cannibal Corpse single, “Inhumane Harvest.” This song was released on February 2nd and this was honestly the best way to start the month. This song embodies everything that I love about Cannibal Corpse; crunchy riffs, deep growls, and technical drumming paired along with it. 

Bassist Alex Weber says that Cannibal Corpse’s new album, “Violence Unimagined” was approached in the same writing style similar to their previous records. The band tries to make each song they write, the heaviest, most memorable songs that they can come up with. He also says that the band wants each song to have its own character. In other words, the band wants the listeners to be able to listen to the song, easily recognizing what song it is. This rings true because out of all the Cannibal Corpse songs that I know, I can name the song just by the opening riff. I think this talent is credited to Cannibal Corpse and how they create their songs, but also because I am a metal freak. 

Cannibal Corpse’s new album, “Violence Unimagined” is set to release on April 16th via Metal Blade Records. Do you see how brutal their album cover is for this album (see above)? That just means the album is going to be even more brutal and I cannot wait to hear what this album sounds like. 

Track List: 

01: “Murderous Rampage”

02: “Necrogenic Resurrection” 

03: “Inhumane Harvest”

04: “Condemnation Contagion”

05: “Surrounded, Kill, Devour” 

06: “Ritual Annihilation”

07: “Follow The Blood”

08: “Bound And Burned”

09: “Slowly Sawn”

10: “Overtorture” 

11: “Cerements Of The Flayed” 

Stay Metal, 


New Album Review

Sound Ancestors Album Review

Written by Miranda

The new Madlib album is something entirely new. Sound Ancestors has more than creative depth; it breaks the boundaries of what a traditional album is. Madlib is a DJ, producer, and occasional rapper most known for his production for albums with MF DOOM, J Dilla, and Freddie Gibbs. Madlib also worked with Kanye West, producing West’s 2016 single “No More Parties in L.A..” His former solo albums have typically been released as the instrumental version of his collaboration projects, but this album the creative project of Madlib. No rapper collaborations or narratives are present, though Madlib received help arranging and editing the album into its final product bu producer Four Tet. 

The album maintains a dynamic between elements of simple production and nostalgic samples. The track “Two for 2 – For Dilla” is a tribute song created for Madlib’s former collaboration partner, J Dilla who passed away in 2006. Throughout the different tracks, this one is the most serious. It also gives an homage to J Dilla through its similar style, bringing nostalgia to any fan of his work. The rest of the album has similar nature but is a bit more playful. It calls attention to the best parts of the songs it samples and breathes new life into them through fantastic drum beats, bass, and a mix of piano and guitar. My current favorite and greatest recommendation to listeners is “Road Of The Lonely Ones” – which I featured on this week’s Friday Favorites as one of the best new songs. I definitely recommend listening to this album while relaxing, doing homework, or any creative activities. This instrumental-laden album is sure to capture your attention and get your brainwaves and creativity flowing.  

New Album Review

Gatecreeper – An Unexpected Reality (2021)

Gatecreeper is a Death Metal band out of Arizona that quickly became one of my favorites. They formed in 2013, so they have done a lot of work in a relatively short amount of time. I would categorize the band as Death/Doom Metal, for the most part, with hook-riffs and some vocal components of Grindcore/Hardcore.  

They are signed with Relapse Records, on which they’ve released two full length records: Sonoran Depravation(2016) and Deserted (2019). This year (2021) they surprised us with an EP release, An Unexpected Reality, on Closed Casket Activities. 

Gatecreeper is:

Chase “Hellahammer” Mason – vocals

Eric “The Dark Cowboy” Wagner – guitars 

Sean “Hell Mammoth” Mears – bass

Matt “Thunder Rage” Arrebollo – drums

Israel Garza – guitars 

An Unexpected Reality is a banger, where the first seven songs are heavily influenced by the Grindcore and Hardcore genres, connected together by feedback, to seem as though they’re one song; and the last song, “Emptiness,” stands alone, completely different from the first, in a dark, doomy Death Metal posture. The first seven are 6:45 in length, combined; while, the last song is 11:06 on its own. This record is full of great riffs and powerful vocals, regardless of the style of any song. I love it!


Starved – 1:03

Sick of Being Sober – :58

Rusted Gold – :56

Imposter Syndrome – 1:07

Amputation – :31

Depraved Not Deprived – 1:11

Superspreader – :59

Emptiness – 11:06 

Favorite Songs: The first seven, and Emptiness! LOL  

Rating: 9/10!! 

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Who Are The Burkharts?

Who are the Burkharts? The Burkharts are a new band that sounds like an old style of 50s doo-wop beach music. With angelic background harmonies, a fast drum beat, and a light bit of guitar, this band seems to mimic almost everything the Beach Boys stood for. However, that’s not to say that the Burkharts are a carbon copy of them. 

The Burkharts started in Buffalo, NY around two years ago. They have described themselves as not too sleepy, not too spicy. I honestly couldn’t put it any better than that. Their music keeps you engaged, but it’s not too overwhelming. It’s the kind of music I could do homework to or listen to while I walk around a park on a Sunday afternoon. Right now they only have two EP’s and a few singles out, but my favorite songs are “Our Rockaway,” “Pretty Words,” “Oh, Dreamer,” and “Flower City Nights.” Their second EP contains the latter two of my favorites and has more of an indie feel to it than their most recent EP, however you can still hear their trademark old-beachy-sound. 

Hope you guys enjoy the tunes, 
-The DJ Formerly Known as Chippypants

New Album Review

Heaux Tales Review

Written By Miranda

My favorites: Lost One, Girl Like Me, Bodies – Intro 

Listen if you like: SZA, Summer Walker, H.E.R., Jorja Smith

Jazmine Sullivan, typically most well-known for her hit 2008 single “Bust Your Windows” has again created new music worthy of our attention. Since her 2008 “Fearless” which earned her seven Grammy nominations, Sullivan has only released two full-length projects before “Heaux Tales.” However, she has performed many notorious features with artists such as Goldlink and Bryson Tiller. “Heaux Tales” has quickly risen to the top of R&B charts – for good reason. 

“Heaux Tales” perfectly encapsulates all the talents Sullivan offers: versatility, depth, and realness. Sullivan’s purpose? Portraying “today’s women standing in their power and owning who they are.” She delves into relationship issues, love, and sex while utilizing the stories of other women as anecdotal tracks throughout. Sullivan navigates these topics with care and honesty, making each track delectably real and showing off the conflicts brought about by being a woman in the 2020’s. Sullivan’s “Heaux Tales” contains a mixture of catchy rhythms with Sullivan’s velvety vocals. She also features several artists which complement her style well including Anderson .Paak and H.E.R.. The album features prior-released singles, “Lost One” and “Pick Up Your Feelings,” released in 2020; and released in 2021, “Girl Like Me (feat. H.E.R.)”. The most popular song from the album currently is “Pick Up Your Feelings.” This song is catchy and playful, but meaningful. Sullivan discusses getting cheated on and how she “doesn’t need it” and deserves better. I know that’s true. “Lost One” is emotional and raw. Sullivan reflects on losing a good relationship: “And if it’s too late, I understand/Sometimes it’s too late to make amends.” Another notable track is the last one on the album, “Girl Like Me” which features vocals from R&B artist H.E.R.. The song follows a woman after a breakup rejected by her lover. The vocals include soft, beautiful harmonies; Sullivan and H.E.R. play off of each other’s energies beautifully. 

I highly recommend giving this album a listen, especially the three pre-released tracks which showcase the versatility that makes Jazmine Sullivan so appealing as an artist. I predict Sullivan to rise to ranks of other female R&B artists like SZA and Jorja Smith in the coming year. 

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Whole Lotta Leaks

Well, it finally happened. After years of anticipation, memes, and leaks, the long-awaited album “Whole Lotta Red” finally dropped on Christmas morning. Playboi Carti had declared himself as Santa and donned a red appearance to match the theme of the album. However, and I say this as a true Playboi Carti fan, it turned out to be a whole lotta hype for a whole lotta garbage. Don’t get me wrong, there were definitely some good songs in there. “Place” was a classic throwback to the synth-style of Carti’s music and “Go2DaMoon” sent me to Pluto. But for the most part, the album was an evolution to a new style of rap that hasn’t entirely taken hold yet. Instead of sticking to his beloved dream-like style of music found in his first album, Carti is slowly transitioning to a more grunge, pop style of rap found in songs like “Poke It Out” in Die Lit. 

One of the most asked questions from fans concerning “Whole Lotta Red” is why none of the dozens of leaked songs were found on the album. To be honest, I feel like if Carti made an album entirely out of leaks it would have blown up. However, leaks such as “Kid Cudi” and “No Lie,” for as good as they may be, hinder Carti’s ability to actually release the songs. When a song is leaked by a fan it goes against how a rapper’s label may have intended to release the song. If it doesn’t gain enough popularity fast enough or in the right way, it may never release. So while it may be possible that some leaks could have been on WLR, since they were leaked they never made it on the album. 

Although the album wasn’t for everybody, it still had some pretty good songs on there and the new direction of Carti’s music warms up to you after a few listens. Hopefully fans are still willing to stick with him in the future and hopefully we can see less leaks and more legitimate songs. 

-The DJ Formerly Known as Chippypants