Classic Album Review

Classic Album Review: “The Stranger” by Billy Joel

ALBUM: “The Stranger” by Billy Joel


RECORD LABEL: Columbia Records

Even though Billy Joel is a world-renowned singer-songwriter and piano player, I only started listening to him recently. I discovered Joel through the movie “Uncut Gems”. The song “The Stranger” was included in the soundtrack. It fit well with the scene and overall was a killer track. I was intrigued and wanted to listen to the whole LP. I was not aware of it then, but it ended up becoming one of my favorite albums.

New Album Review

Album Review: Hearth Room by Frost Children

I first discovered Frost Children during the George Clanton concert at Cat’s Cradle in October. A few days before, I checked out some of their top songs and did not think much about their music until the concert. While I was mainly looking forward to the other acts, Frost Children ended up being the stand out performance.

After the show, I listened to “Speed Run” and was hooked and wanted more. I did not have to wait long since they dropped their fifth album “Hearth Room” on Nov. 17, 2023. This album cemented the band as more than a budget 100 gecs.