New Album Review

“For the Rest of Your Life” by twikipedia

For the Rest of Your Life” is the fourth full-length album of the Brazilian experimental artist, twikipedia. The album was released on May 10, 2024.

twikipedia originated with the SoundCloud hyperpop movement during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their sound is a combination of lush and pretty trap and frenetic digicore. Through this brash combination, the artist creates worlds of childlike whimsy in the process.

On this album, twikipedia captures this same fast-paced yet sugary sweet feeling yet again. However, this time, the nineteen year old achieves this in a completely different medium: indie rock.

Combining influences of lofi shoegaze, slacker rock, and noise pop, the sound is extremely well rounded. The project also has near-perfect pacing, without sacrificing a feeling of homegrown moodiness. You are never left a second without a crushing riff, an awesome drum fill, or an soft electronic piano note.

“For the Rest of Your Life” feels like the wonder child of Parannoul’s “To See the Next Part of the Dream,” with its youthful energy, and Jane Remover’s “Frailty,” with its careful, deliberate electronica and DIY aesthetic.

Top Tracks

There are so many incredible songs on this album. Here are my top three:

“Room For One”

This song starts off with acoustic guitar that makes me sway back and forth. The first time listening to this album, I had the impression that the album would have a soft, indie folk feel to it. And when the electric guitar came in, that thought was immediately shattered and I was blown away. This song is an incredible example of how smart twikipedia is with their songwriting.

“Figure Me Out”

Starting with a twangy midwest emo riff, this track makes itself into a stupidly simple yet satisfying track. The crunchy guitar here is beautifully supplanted with cutesy xylophone and synth loops. With its slacker rock vocal style and lofi mix, this feels like a 2012 indie rock song was Frankenstein’s monster-ed into a beautiful post-modern collage of sound.

“Dry Your Eyes”

This song creates a momentum like no other; starting with a juicy riff, and grows with the rhythmic drums and vocal highs points. This song also finds ways to sprinkle pretty piano melodies in the mix. The track climaxes in this giant explosion of noise, and the beautifully shouted lyric, “If anything, I’d even make you cry.” This line, ironically, immediately brought me to tears when I listened to it for the first time.


twikipedia’s extreme transition from electronic music to indie rock has been a success, filling a niche that many have been waiting for. “For the Rest of Your Life” is an incredibly solid indie rock record, and is perfect for anyone who wants a fresh taste of rock.