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An Underground Summer

As the sun starts shining and heating up NC, why not turn up the heat just a little more with some new tracks in your rotation? These tracks cover various genres that you would find in WKNC’s Underground rotation like rap, hip-hop and R&B. Listed below are some of my favorite tracks of the bunch.

Snake” by Shaboozey

This track was my first introduction to Shaboozey. Their constantly moving beat in “Snake” combined with Shaboozey’s unapologetic lyrics have made a lasting impression on me. Coming off of their recent 2022 album “Cowboys Live Forever, Outlaws Never Die”, Shaboozey makes this unique Americana and hip-hop blend that works so well together. A great track to start the summer off with.

Where Ya Get Ya Coke From?” by JPEGMAFIA, Danny Brown

Going into this, I was already a massive fan of Peggy but the production on this track brought my love for them to another level. The track starts off with massive walls of sounds that make you want to go just a little too fast on the highway, and once you’re in that mindset, you’re already strapped in for the ride.

The track later goes into a bossa nova feel in the middle to balance out the madness from the beginning. With all of this combined, both Peggy and Danny Brown rapping over transitional clave parts, the bossa nova and to the great walls of sounds, this track has solidified itself as one of my favorite tracks of the year.

Keep From Falling” by TOBi

It’s 2 a.m. and you’re driving down the highway going home. It’s a tired day and “Keep From Falling” by TOBi comes on your Spotify. The night is made.

TOBi’s track provides a feeling of calmness and groove that I haven’t felt in R&B in a while. A track great for those days where you’re just trying to escape the heat and relax a bit.

The Tracks

Here are my underground song recommendations for this summer:

  • “Patrisse Cullors Stole My Lunch Money” – Ghais Guevara
  • “Snake” – Shaboozey
  • “black enuff” – redveil, JPEGMAFIA
  • “My People” – Marlowe, L’Orange, Solemn Brigham
  • “Outside the Lines” – Kodie Shane
  • “Keep From Falling” – TOBi
  • “Back In Office” – Saba, NO I.D.
  • “upside down” – Ethel, DWY
  • “Headstone” – ZekeUltra
  • “Ghetto Luv” – Elcamino
  • “Where Ya Get Ya Coke From?” – JPEGMAFIA, Danny Brown
  • “Sorrel Juice” – dj blackpower
  • “WITCHES BREW” –  DEADPAN, Lowkey T, Opollo Heights, skate33, Willyynova
  • “New Streets” – Benny The Butcher
  • “1985” – Freddie Gibbs, The Alchemist
  • “PANIC!!!” – Paris Texas

Here is also a link to a Spotify playlist to make listening easier.



By Zen

Hi, my name is Zen and I am not only a jazz DJ at WKNC but I am also the assistant underground music director for the summer of 2023! Music affects every part of my life and I love it so, SO much, and I hope I'm able to share some of that passion with you.