DMC Woodstock’s Top 50 Albums of 2022

Here it is.

This was the first time I paid close attention to new albums releasing throughout the entire year. Because of this, I can now make this big list with a nice round number at the top.

A frustration that I have when I make these lists, is that when they are posted and published, I have no way of changing them. My listening habits change over time. In retrospect, an album I place several spots higher or lower than another may not deserve to be there. There are also a ton of albums that I didn’t listen to this year. In time, I’ll find more albums from 2022 that deserved to be on this list, but for now, this is all I’ve got.

I chose the rankings for these albums about a month ago, and even in that short time, there are already changes that I’d like to make. I’ve decided to keep the original rankings to preserve how I felt at the end of 2022.

Without further ado, here are my top 50 albums of 2022:

50. Shiruetto – “Era” | Groovy future funk.

49. Govlink – “Weapons” | Breakcore with nutty sampling and sound design.

48. Ho99o9 – “Skin” | Hard hitting digital hardcore.

47. Ada Rook – “Ugly Death No Redemption Angel Curse I Love You” | The 10 stages of aggression.

46. Black Country New Road – “Ants From Up There” | Pretty, introspective head-bobbery.

45. Courting – “Guitar Music” | Post-punk that quickly flies through track after track of multilayered fun.

44. Kai Whiston – “Quiet As Kept, F.O.G.” | Club music with sheen, haze, and keen attention to detail.

43. Tricot – “不出来” | Bright, energetic math rock from Japan.

42. Conway The Machine – “God Don’t Make Mistakes” | Excellent down to earth lyricism coming out of Buffalo NY.

41. Sam Gellaitry – “VF VOL II” | Shiny, well produced pop take on Sam Gellaitry’s production style.

40. Justice – “Planisphere” | Great return for Justice with this incredibly cohesive 20 minute EP.

39. The Garden – “Horses— On Route 66” | Really fun punk rock noise.

38. Druida – “Limnociclo” | Haunting, rich IDM, perfect for late nights.

37. 2Hollis – “White Tiger” | To read more about this album, check out my review of it here.

36. Nanoray – “Toybox” | Fast hardcore electronic bangers mixed with some nice long shifting tracks.

35. Lewis Cole – “Quality Over Opinion” | Light jazz fusion album with some really high highs.

34. Chat Pile – “God’s Country” | Sobering sludge.

33. Lexie Liu – “The Happy Star” | Really fun and intricate pop with a bit of a Rina Sawayama sound.

32. JID – “The Forever Story” | Great storytelling, just an overall pleasant listen

31. Kinoteki – “Human Noise” | Hypnotizing house for late night ventures.

30. Metaroom – “Dog Bus: The Remixes” | Collection of EDM remixes that all manage to bring something new to the table

29. Denzel Curry – “Melt My Eyez See Your Future” | Reflection of Denzel’s career and decisions while being incredibly catchy. The deluxe edition is excellent too.

28. Infinity Knives – “King Cobra” | Bold hip-hop album with plenty of variety and interesting production choices

27. BABii – “Screamer” | Consistently great dance music with clean production complemented with nice vocals

26. Weyes Blood – “And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow” | Beautiful slow burns

Album cover for "Neon White Soundtrack Part 1" by Machine Girl. It features a girl with purple hair and pale skin in a rabbit mask pointing a gun at the viewer.
Album cover for “Neon White Soundtrack Part 1” by Machine Girl

25. Machine Girl – “Neon White Soundtrack Part 1”

What a way to do a videogame soundtrack. From front to back, the frantic pace of the game is perfectly matched with frantic intricate grooves. Each track has plenty of variety, and nothing overstays its welcome. If you want to get into a flow, this is your best bet.

Cover for "His Happiness Shall Come First Even Though We Are Suffering" by Backxwash - A black and white image of a church being ripped apart and debris flying through the air
Cover for “His Happiness Shall Come First Even Though We Are Suffering” by Backxwash

24. Backxwash – “His Happiness Shall Come First Even Though We Are Suffering”

The third and final album in Backxwash’s trilogy, continuing her reconciliation with religion, race, family, and transness. Every drop of anger oozes out of Backxwash’s vocals, and the instrumentals are crushing. This is an excellent way to conclude the trilogy.

Cover for "This World Is Going To Ruin You" by Vein FM. It features a blurry picture of a decaying house and a skull in the woods.
Album cover for “This World Is Going To Ruin You” by

23. – “This World Is Going To Ruin You”

Admittedly, metal is not my strong suit. However, that didn’t stop me from keeping’s new record on blast throughout the year. The breakdowns are heavy, the hooks and chorus’s are rad, and overall, it’s a pretty awesome metalcore record. While I still prefer their 2018 album “Errorzone,” this was a nice exploration into more melodic territory.

Album cover for "You can't kill me" by 070 Shake. It features an oil portrait of a woman whose face has been painted over in white
Album Cover for “You Can’t Kill Me” by 070 Shake.

22. 070 Shake – “You Can’t Kill Me”

The peaks on this album are some of the best musical moments to come out of 2022. The grandiosity throughout this album is really what makes it stand out.

Album cover for "Berdlycore Chapter 0" by Xaev. It features a purple pixelated city skyline from the game Undertale.
Album cover for “Berdlycore Chapter 0” by Xaev

21. Xaev – “Berdlycore Chapter 0”

“Hyperflip”, or as it’s commonly known, “Dariacore,” is my favorite trend in electronic music at the moment. Its mindmelting blend of Hyperpop, EDM, 2000’s pop samples, and Jersey Club is truly something to behold. Xaev brings an incredible level of polish to this genre with the Undertale adjacent brand of Hyperflip, dubbed “Berdlycore.” Alongside the meme-ish sampling and goofy song titles, “Berdlycore Chapter 0” is on the forefront of innovative EDM production.

Cover for "Berdlycore Chapter 2" by Xaev. It features three characters from the video game Deltarune staring out into a city skyline
Cover for “Berdlycore Chapter 2” by Xaev

20. Xaev – “Berdlycore Chapter 2”

Of course, I couldn’t mention “Berdlycore Chapter 0” without also mentioning the other Xaev project from this year, “Berdlycore Chapter 2.” More incredible hyperflip production from Xaev.

Cover for "A Couple of Good Days" by Fennec. It features a picture of a cat on a hardwood floor next to a toy palm tree.
Cover for “A Couple of Good Days” by Fennec

19. Fennec – “A Couple of Good Days”

This album is perfect for relaxing on a beautiful summer day. Its laid back sway is absolutely delightful. I am of the opinion that most house music is best enjoyed at night, but this is a different brand of house music entirely. “A Couple of Good Days” calls to mind sunny beaches, volleyball, and a lovely breeze kissing your skin.

Cover for "Heaven Is Here" by Candy. Features a painting of a large crowded group of masked naked people on a dirty set of stairs. People are climbing over each other and everyone appears to be very grim.
Cover for “Heaven Is Here” by Candy

18. Candy – “Heaven Is Here”

This Candy record is big time heavy. It’s only 30 minutes long but the time flies by with the amount of crushing variety within these tracks. I may be a bit biased towards this album, having seen these guys live in September. I can confirm that Candy lived up to my expectations. Again, I am not well versed in metal, but this album scratched the hardcore itch in my brain.

Album cover for "Harp" by Pendant. It features a shiny reflection of a mans face in water, obscured by shimmers and bubbles.
Album cover for “Harp” by Pendant

17. Pendant – “Harp”

“Harp” covers a lot of ground. You can be listening to this album and it will go from layers upon layers of soft silky Chillwave to angry noise based rap verses. It swings both sides of this pendulum with grace, delivering satisfying track after satisfying track. If you like anything spacey, you will like this album.

Album cover for "Meeting With A Judas Tree" by Duval Timothy. Features a tree with a small bunch of pink flowers growing out of the side of its trunk.
Album cover for “Meeting With A Judas Tree” by Duval Timothy

16. Duval Timothy – “Meeting With A Judas Tree”

Duval Timothy carefully crafts soulful piano melodies all over “Meeting With A Judas Tree.” Every single track on the album is beautiful, and to top it off, there’s an incredible infusion of electronic elements as well.

Album cover for "Renaissance" by Beyonce. Features a nearly nude Beyonce calmly sitting atop a horse made of electricity.
Album cover for “Renaissance” by Beyonce

15. Beyonce – “Renaissance”

Beyonce came out of left field this year with an album full of house bangers. I went into this album thinking, “ok… well I suppose I’ll listen to the new Beyonce album.” I left this album thinking “wow, I can’t believe I just danced for a straight hour.” It’s catchy, confident, and fun. Beyonce went into new territory for this one, and it absolutely paid off.

Album cover for "Every Flower In My Garden" by Lilien Rosarian. Features an abstract pixelated scene that seems to be a collage of extremely low resolution pixel images of plants alongside other squares of bright color.
Album cover for “Every Flower In My Garden” by Lilien Rosarian

14. Lilien Rosarian – “Every Flower In My Garden”

Lilien Rosarian is making some of the most interesting ambient music I’ve ever heard. Each track feels like viewing our world through a bright distorted lens. The sampling work reframes familiar sounds into brand new textures and continually keeping things fresh throughout the whole album. It all comes together on the final track “revery hour” which managed to unlock a brand new emotion I didn’t even know I had.

Album cover for "Elseware OR: Eating The Snack Fantastic" by Halisca. Features a brightly colored psychedelic scene of flowers, vines, hands, and eyes all forming a giant mass. There is a drop of blood in the center that is falling onto a foot protruding from behind the mass. In the middle there is a small heart.
Album cover for “Elseware OR: Eating The Snack Fantastic” by Halisca

13. Halisca – “Elseware OR: Eating The Snack Fantastic”

Lots of genre exploration happening on this Glitchpop album from Halisca. If you’re looking for a Sweet Trip-eque sound with some extra details and doodads thrown in there, this is for you. It’s cheery, playful, and uplifting all the way through. Also, the last song is called “Super Dracula RPG Original Soundtrack.” How can you go wrong with that?

Album cover for "I Love You Jennifer B" by Jockstrap. It is a blank grey cover with nothing but the word Jockstrap on it.
Album cover for “I Love You Jennifer B” by Jockstrap

12. Jockstrap – “I Love You Jennifer B”

This is Jockstrap’s first capital A Album, and they did not disappoint. The unique instrumental-electronic mix on this album makes it stand out entirely on its own. It’s strange, but there are so many facets about this album to appreciate, that it’s still quite approachable.

Cover for "Cometa" by Nick Hakim. Features a dark close up of a man examining his glasses. Two reflections of the man can be seen through the lenses of the glasses.
Cover for “Cometa” by Nick Hakim

11. Nick Hakim – “Cometa”

Nick Hakim blows it out of the park with “Cometa,” an album that retains the psychedelic qualities that Nick Hakim is known for, while also feeling incredibly intimate. The balance between these two elements is what makes this album a consistently enjoyable listen.

Album cover for Darklife by Death's Dynamic Shroud. Depiction of the word "Darklife" in shiny 3D silver letters, as if it is floating in space.
Album cover for “Darklife” by Death’s Dynamic Shroud.

10. Death’s Dynamic Shroud – “Darklife”

With “Darklife,” DDS succeeds at making their music sound cinematic. The sounds and the vocal sampling are super ambitious, and they land. Everything sounds really really big and foreign. DDS is setting another high water mark for themselves with this record.

Album cover for "Dariacore 3...At least I think that's what it's called?" by Leroy. Features a still frame from the show Daria where there is a character sleeping on a couch, a character on the floor using a hammer with a parrot on her shoulder, a character walking in the middle of the room, and another character holding a vase. In the middle of the room, pictures are strung up on a wire.
Album cover for “Dariacore 3…At least I think that’s what it’s called?” by Leroy

9. Leroy – “Dariacore 3…At least I think that’s what it’s called?”

Leroy, AKA Jane Remover, FKA Dltzk, AKA c0ncern, is making huge waves in EDM. They started the Dariacore/Hyperflip movement, and this production style seems to only be getting more and more traction. I’ve already covered some other albums that fall under this category on this list, but Leroy was the one to start it all, and they’re still going strong with Dariacore 3. For my money, this is Leroy’s best work yet, and I’m hyped for the future of LeJaneltzk Remover projects.

Album cover for "Counterfeit" by Fordmastiff. Features a dark image of a parade float with various hard to make out objects covering it at the bottom
Album cover for “Counterfeit” by Fordmastiff

8. Fordmastiff – “Counterfeit”

This album came to me at the perfect time. I listened to this album for the first time on a cold winter night while walking under the streetlights. My surroundings were the perfect canvas for Fordmastiff to paint a landscape. Listening to this, I felt like I was experiencing the memory of being in a lively festival. The details were dull, but the tone was clear as day. This album is lo-fi in a way that I’ve never heard before. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this Brazilian Lo-Fi scene for the foreseeable future.

Album cover for "Dream Desert" by desert sand feels warm at night. Features a pyramid in a desert contained within a larger transparent pyramid that is shooting a beacon into the night sky.
Album cover for “Dream Desert” by desert sand feels warm at night.

7. Desert Sand Feels Warm At Night – “Dream Desert”

Some might say that four hours is too long for an album. To that, I point to “Dream Desert” and say “nonsense.” This music is vaporwave at its most potent. The tracks average around half an hour, making each track an experience of its own. It’s incredibly drawn out, making the magic moments where a beat drops all the more special. This is far and away the most soothing album of this year.

Album cover for "Miracle In Transit" by Naked Flames. Features a shiny marsh landscape with no trees. In the foreground there are two large metallic looking objects that are shaped like logs and tree branches.
Album cover for “Miracle In Transit” by Naked Flames

6. Naked Flames – “Miracle In Transit”

Naked Flames shows us that you don’t have to have the most exotic ingredients to cook up an amazing album. Rather, an amazing album can come from a few simple ingredients used in just the right way. This record layers idea after idea on top of one another in just the right way until they all fit together in an entrancing but dance-able house lasagna. “Miracle In Transit” is a truly gratifying experience.

Album cover for "Gunsmith Tha Mixtape" by Hackle. Features Hackle standing in a forge with a hammer holding an assault rifle over an anvil. Behind him on the wall, are more guns, and on the ground there are bullets scattered all around.
Album cover for “Gunsmith Tha Mixtape” by Hackle

5. Hackle – “Gunsmith Tha Mixtape”

As Witch House/Trap artist Sematary has gained notoriety over the past few years, I’ve found myself just shy of hopping on the Haunted Mound. It turns out the missing ingredient was Hackle. The catchiness and energy that Hackle brings to Sematary’s production makes the sound work perfectly. Out of any album on this list, this one deserves the loudest speakers.

Cover art for "The Last Spa On Earth" by Divino Nino. Features a heart shaped spa floating in the clouds.
Album cover for “Last Spa On Earth” by Divino Niño

4. Divino Niño – “Last Spa On Earth”

Divino Niño put an electronic and reggae spin on their latest dream pop record. It’s fun, fresh, and exciting throughout, and each transition from one idea to the next is satisfying. You can read my full review of this album here.

The album cover for "Number Four" by Culprate. It features a trippy landscape made up of several small shapes and alien textures. There is a cat-like creatures at the top, a pyramid on the left, what appears to be a grassy field on the right, and waterfalls in the bottom left corner.
The album cover for “Number Four” by Culprate.

3. Culprate – “α​ρ​ι​θ​μ​ό​ς τ​έ​σ​σ​ε​ρ​α”

On this record, Culprate attacks Drum and Bass from every angle. It’s a wonderful, all you can eat buffet of musical flavor and texture. You can read my full review of this album here.

Album cover for "Hellfire" by Black Midi. Features an abstract collage of unrecognizable shapes and images over a pink background. The only intelligible figures on the cover are two men sitting down.
Album cover for “Hellfire” by Black Midi

2. Black Midi – “Hellfire

An incredible display of directed chaos. Every musician is putting in 200% to make this explosion of music as powerful as it can be. If anyone ever tells you rock is dead- that progressive, forward thinking, innovative rock is dead- they clearly have never heard this album. “Hellfire” is by far Black Midi’s most accomplished album to date. Every track holds something new and exciting. This is the sound of war, death, insanity, and sin, and good lord it is beautiful.

Album cover for Flood Format by Bird's Eye Batang. It is an abstract painting made of various shades of blue.
Album cover for “Flood Format” by Bird’s Eye Batang

1. Bird’s Eye Batang – “Flood Format

A musical adventure that is both adorable and terrifying. Otherworldly sound design that brings you somewhere entirely new. This album cements the mysterious South Korean producer as one of the best artists working today. You can read my full review of this album here.