Weekly Charts

Chainsaw Charts 1/17

1JESUS PIECE“An Offering To The Night” [Single]Century Media
2BLACKBRAIDBlackbraid ISelf-Released
3WINDS OF LENG“Into Leng” [Single]Self-Released
5LORNA SHOREPain RemainsCentury Media
6MASSA NERADerramar | Querer | BorrarZegema Beach
7OBITUARYDying Of EverythingRelapse
8SLIPKNOTThe End, So FarRoadrunner
9FELETHDivine BlightRob Mules
10SCATTERED STORMIn This Dying Sun [EP]Blood Blast

Chainsaw Adds

1NIHILIST DEATH CULTDeath To All TyrantsSelf-Released
2DEIQUISITORApotheosisExtremely Rotten