Weekly Charts

Chainsaw Charts 9/27

1CALLOUS DAOBOYS,THECelebrity TherapisteOne Rock
2LIVING WRECKAGELiving WreckageM Theory
3MANTIC RITUALHeart Set Stone [EP]M-Theory
4UPON YOUR GRAVEGold & DecaySelf-Released
5SLAUGHTER TO PREVAIL“1984” [Single]Sumerian
6OBSIDIOUS“Iconic” [Single]Season of Mist
7SILURIANEnd of Ordovicia [EP]Ordovician
8GOD AWFUL TRUTH, THEThe God Awful Truth/Under The Pier Split [EP]Darktrail
10SKYLARKRidge & Furrow [EP]Self-Released

Chainsaw Adds

1SPYHabitual Offender [EP]To Live A Lie
2OBSIDIAN SKIESSaturnian [EP]Self-Released
3BOTCH“One Twenty Two” [Single]Sargent House
4KUBLAI KHANLowest Form Of Animal [EP]Pure Noise