Five Songs for the End of Summer

School has finally started back up and with that, summer is coming to an end. Over summer break, there were songs that really stuck with me. Songs that are perfect for riding around with the windows down or jamming out with friends. With fall less than a month away, I wanted to share these highlights of my summer with you to enjoy before sweater season.

Tek It” by Cafuné

At the beginning of summer, Cafuné’s second song off their 2021 album “Running” went viral. It became the song of the beginning of summer. The catchy, lighthearted instrumental perfectly riffs off of singer Sedona Schat’s vocals. While the summer breeze is still blowing, this song is perfect for riding with the windows down.

“I Don’t Wanna Fight Anymore” by Similar Kind

Ever since I discovered Similar Kind after they opened for Hot Flash Heat Wave in April, this song has been on repeat. As the days have become hotter, this song has only gotten more plays. The fun, indie-pop instrumental and sound in contrast to the melancholic lyrics seem designed to be listened to on a warm summer evening.

“Easy On Your Own?” by Alvvays

Another great song for a warm summer evening, “Easy On Your Own?” is Alvvay’s second single for their upcoming album “Blue Rev”. With Alvvay’s classic dream-like indie sound and reflective vocals, this song gives the listener space for introspection during this transitional time between summer and fall.

“TVI” by Surf Curse

“TVI” is the second single released for surf punk band Surf Curse’s upcoming album. With this single coming out at the end of July, it marked the beginning of the end of summer. This is a song about trying to stay out of trouble, the perfect motivation for getting back into your normal school or work schedule before the leaves change color.

“NBTSA” by Joyce Manor

During the last week of summer, I saw Joyce Manor at the National in Richmond, VA. Awaiting the concert, I had this song on blast non-stop in the prior weeks. This short burst of energetic instrumental and vocals exude the feeling of change on the horizon with the chorus being simply five repetitions of “And I may never be the same again.” Being the first song I’ve moshed to since before the pandemic, this song has a special place in my heart.

Happy jamming,


By Hüttemeister

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