The Saw’s Choice Cuts: Alice In Chains

What’s going on Butcher Crew?! It’s your Master Butcher, The Saw, and I have another band up on the slab for The Saw’s Choice Cuts! Now, it is no secret that I love Alice In Chains. I am a big grunge fan and Alice In Chains is the band that got me into grunge. My mom and dad played them frequently when I was a child and I remember listening to them driving down a back road with my mom. Alice In Chains is the perfect combination of harmony, groove, and emotion. The riffs that are in their songs are influenced by metal and hard rock, and that’s why I will argue that grunge is a different sub-genre of metal. The lyrics are packed with emotion, especially the songs that have Layne Staley (RIP) on vocals. You can hear how much he is hurting within their songs and I think that’s why I love Layne and the band so much. I like music that captures true, raw emotion, and that is exactly what Alice In Chains does. You can feel the emotion in each song with every breath that Layne takes. His voice was so beautiful and he sang like a wounded angel. 

In no particular order, here are my favorite Alice In Chains songs: 

  • Would? 
  • Man in the Box 
  • Rooster 
  • Nutshell
  • Them Bones
  • Dam That River 
  • Check My Brain 
  • Bleed The Freak
  • Junkhead 
  • Again 
  • Love, Hate, Love
  • Angry Chair 
  • A Looking In View 
  • Get Born Again 

What are some of your favorite Alice In Chains songs? 

Stay Metal,