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The Saw’s Choice Cuts: Whitechapel

What’s going on Butcher Crew?! It’s your Master Butcher, The Saw, and I have the next band up on the slab in The Saw’s Choice Cuts! And you all will not be surprised by the band that we are talking about today. We will be talking about a band that has been one of my favorites for years now, a band that I have seen countless times, and the band that influenced my DJ name. If you guessed Whitechapel, then you guessed right!  
Today, I will be highlighting some of my favorite songs by my boys in Whitechapel. This was really difficult for me because I love so many of Whitechapel’s songs! But I had to narrow down my songs because if I didn’t this blog would just be a list of every single Whitechapel song. I think my favorite thing about this band is their evolution. Throughout each of their albums, you can hear the progression of the band throughout the years. If you were to listen to Whitechapel’s first album, “The Somatic Defilement,” and then listen to their most recent album, “The Valley,” the band sounds very different. Although they can still be picked out by Phil Bozeman’s powerful vocals and their chunky black metal/deathcore riffs, the overall structure and theme of their albums change. Although all of the albums are brutal and heavy in their own way, each album incorporates different musical components that help the sound of the band evolve. I think that is why I enjoy Whitechapel so much; not one album sounds the same, there is always something different going on. I think this evolution is important and beneficial not only for the listeners to hear the cabler of the musician’s musical talent, but also for the band. They are able to try things and fully embrace themselves into the music so it can continue to be fun and enjoyable for them. 
And without further ado, here is the list of my favorite Whitechapel songs! 
·      The Saw Is The Law
·      The Somatic Defilement
·      Ear to Ear
·      Vicer Exciser
·      This Is Exile 
·      Possession 
·      Breeding Violence 
·      Reprogrammed to Hate 
·      Make It Bleed
·      I, Dementia 
·      Let Me Burn 
·      Mark of the Blade
·      Elitist Ones 
·      Forgiveness is Weakness 
·      Brimstone 
·      When a Demon Defiles a Witch 
·      Hickory Creek (the original, and the acoustic version) 
Stay Metal,