Concert Review

Laser Floyd

What’s going on Butcher Crew?! It’s your Master Butcher, The Saw, and we are going to talk about a laser show that I went to this past weekend. The light show was hosted by Cabin Fever and this drive-in laser show is the best way to get out of the house with you family or friends while during the Pandemic! There are two different light shows that you can choose from: A regular laser show, which played 40 second snippets of songs, paired along with some lasers! These songs can range from classic hits, to what is trending and popular today! This is even great for those with young children. The other light show that you can choose is Laser Floyd. That is the one that I chose. What is Laser Floyd you ask? It is the most action packed 40 minutes that will leave you mesmerized!! This light show consists of the play-through of Pink Floyd songs with the visual effects done by lasers. 
I was super excited to go to Laser Floyd because I love Pink Floyd. I have heard people in real life and in TV shows talk about Laser Floyd and that is what first piqued my interest. I am also a big fan of light shows. Back when shows were a thing, I would observe the light show that the bands would use and comment on them. We all know how much The Saw loves a good light show!! Laser Floyd was a light show on steroids. The show kicked off with the song “Time” and it really puts you in a trance. There were two jumbo screens that had tiny laser projecting images and pictures onto them during the songs. These images were telling the story of the songs that were playing which I found super interesting. When “Time” came on, all you see is a clock on the jumbo screen, and as soon as the vocals kick in, the lasers appeared throughout the sky and the trees. It was so beautiful when I first saw it that I got chills. 
They then went on to play “Money,” “Another Brick in the Wall Pt.2,” and “Eclipse,” along with many others! The colors of the lasers blended beautifully to give the viewer a type of psychedelic experience. I literally sat there in awe with my mouth wide open for the entire 40 minutes. The lasers and the laser images kept my attention the entire time and it was truly a great experience. The vibe overall was very relaxing. Attendees were free to either sit in their car or sit around their car to view the light show. They had the music playing on speakers so you could hear it, but at 11PM when the sound ordinance went into effect, the music could be heard on your radio! I ended up sitting in my car and listening to the music through my stereo during the show. 
It was an awesome experience to see Laser Floyd! Drive-in laser shows are perfect for children and up to adults! There is something for everyone to enjoy at the laser shows! 
Stay Metal,