New Album Review

Gatecreeper – An Unexpected Reality (2021)

Gatecreeper is a Death Metal band out of Arizona that quickly became one of my favorites. They formed in 2013, so they have done a lot of work in a relatively short amount of time. I would categorize the band as Death/Doom Metal, for the most part, with hook-riffs and some vocal components of Grindcore/Hardcore.  

They are signed with Relapse Records, on which they’ve released two full length records: Sonoran Depravation(2016) and Deserted (2019). This year (2021) they surprised us with an EP release, An Unexpected Reality, on Closed Casket Activities. 

Gatecreeper is:

Chase “Hellahammer” Mason – vocals

Eric “The Dark Cowboy” Wagner – guitars 

Sean “Hell Mammoth” Mears – bass

Matt “Thunder Rage” Arrebollo – drums

Israel Garza – guitars 

An Unexpected Reality is a banger, where the first seven songs are heavily influenced by the Grindcore and Hardcore genres, connected together by feedback, to seem as though they’re one song; and the last song, “Emptiness,” stands alone, completely different from the first, in a dark, doomy Death Metal posture. The first seven are 6:45 in length, combined; while, the last song is 11:06 on its own. This record is full of great riffs and powerful vocals, regardless of the style of any song. I love it!


Starved – 1:03

Sick of Being Sober – :58

Rusted Gold – :56

Imposter Syndrome – 1:07

Amputation – :31

Depraved Not Deprived – 1:11

Superspreader – :59

Emptiness – 11:06 

Favorite Songs: The first seven, and Emptiness! LOL  

Rating: 9/10!!