2020: The Music That Connected Us in a Disconnected World

2020 was a year of pure isolation, distress, and chaos. Throughout this year of disconnect, we all remained connected through the power of music. Here are my top ten songs from this year!

10. Obsession by The Cairos: Let’s just say that I played this song on repeat during a three hour long road trip. Am I proud? Absolutely. For me, this song has two moods. Either break something or scream the words in a dark basement with five of my closest friends. 

9. The Zone . Leave Me Alone by Lorine Chia, J. Kelr: I play this song and immediately I am on a rollercoaster of emotions. When it begins, I feel like I am in a neon lite club. Then, I am on a hammock on a beach! All I have to say is three minutes and fifteen seconds. You will thank me later. 

8. Pools by Glass Animals: This song, along with any Glass Animals song, will always and forever be my favorite. Every single member of this group was definitely an alien in their past-life. I had the honor of seeing this group (pre COVID-19) at Okeechobee Music Festival. To sum it up, the best experience of my entire life. This song has many different interpretations on its meaning, so let me know what you think it’s about! 

7. We Left (Night Version) by RÜFÜS DU SOL: Sound and color. These magicians use the inspiration of our beautiful world and translate it into mesmerizing sounds. I plan on doing an entire blog post surrounding RÜFÜS DU SOL, so definitely check them out! Fun fact: This is one of the first songs they ever created as a group!

6. Intrinsic by Odd Mob: If I were traveling through hyperspace, this song would be blasting in my space craft. Words to describe this masterpiece: weird, alluring, and memorable. This song is a rollercoaster that only goes up. Definitely give it a listen!

5. Another Sky – The Magician Remix by Scenic, The Magician: This song makes me feel like I am in the opening scene of a movie. Specifically, in a 1961 Lincoln Continental driving down a highway at 3:30 in the morning. Very cliche of me. I know. Can’t complain though, because it is true. 

4. Because You Move Me by Tinkler, Helsloot: If you are looking for the perfect bop your head and wiggle your toes beat, this is the one for you! Randomly play this song in front of your friends and every single one of them will be moving some part of their body. Tinkler is always one step ahead of the electronic music game. He combines various sounds and genres to create a “sound-driven journey”. 

3. Bunny by Tourist: Beautiful. Majestic. Unique. Lush. Emotional. All words and feelings that consume my soul while listening to this song. All I can say about this song is sparkles, sunlight, and serenity. 

2. Never Cage a Butterfly by tiedye ky: This song was released a few months ago in tiedye ky’s game changing album called “Baby Blue and the Super Moon”. This entire collection was such a dominating contribution to the 2020 evolution of electronic music. This song mixes the use of live instruments (specifically electric guitar) and synthesizers in unbelievable ways. If you are trying to get ahead of the electronic music scene, I highly recommend listening to this entire album! 

1. 2nd Street by Kaskade: I personally believe that Kaskade is one of the most innovative house artists of our time. With him being one of my favorite artists that I saw at Okeechobee Music Festival 2020, I decided to learn more about him, his music, and vision for the music scene. I also plan on doing a blog specifically for him so be on the lookout for it! In the meantime, enjoy this journey that this song puts your through.