Let’s Get Metal: Décor Edition

What’s going on Butcher Crew?! We are almost a month into 2021 and I know some people want to spice up their lives; whether that be going to the gym, changing their hair style, or even changing up their room. 

Today, we will be talking about how to add some ~~spice~~ to your room. I get compliments on my room and how I have it set up. My friends like the vibe and aesthetic that my room has. I have a dark hippie-metal vibe going on in the lair. So, if you want to add some dark hippie vibes to your room, here are some of the things that I did to spice up my room. 

Find a main theme and work around it.

I really love skulls, so I have a lot of items that involve skulls. If I am being honest, I have nine skulls in total. They are all designed in different ways and I have placed them around my room to set the theme. I have them on my nightstand, printer, bathtub, and my dresser. I also have posters of skulls and even skull ashtrays! Some people may say that I have an obsession, but I call it taste. 

Have an accent wall.

When I moved into the house that I am living at now, the girl who had my room before me painted a wave of eyes on one of the walls. I loved it when I saw it and I thought it would add to the aesthetic of my room. I didn’t want to cover up the eyes, so I added my bed and some small furniture around it. If you do not have a wall of eyes (if you do, please show me; that would be so cool), you can always paint an accent wall or design something on one of your walls (if you are allowed to). You could also add some tapestries to a wall to accent it! I have collected tons of tapestries from different smoke shops and also mall outlets. These tapestries can help you add some color to your room and also find other color furniture or decorations that match the tapestry. 

Make your room smell good.

Okay y’all, I love candles. They are my absolute favorite. I get candles from Target, TJ Maxx, Walmart, and literally anywhere or any business that makes/sells candles. Scents can also help set the vibe of your room. You can get some dark earthy scents, floral scents, fruity/tropical scents, or even clean fresh scents! I like my musk scents or heavy fruit scents. I think they go with both my dark hippie and metal vibe. The colors and designs of candles and candle holders can also help create your aesthetic. 

If you don’t want candles, you can always get wax burners. They have some cute burners that can help bring your room together. I have a sugar skull wax burner and also a Himalayan rock burner. They give off cool light designs on your wall and create a way to have some dim lighting in your room that is great for relaxation. 

And if you are feeling really fancy, incents will always help you get the hippie vibe. 

Accent Furniture 

I have an old school record player/ stereo that I placed by my windows in order to be the centerpiece of my room. I placed some plants, incents, and skulls on top of it in order to add my aesthetic to it. I love vinyl’s and record players because it gives me those ‘90s vibes. I love the ‘90s and my record player is from 1992 so it fits in perfectly. 

How are you guys decorating your rooms? 

Stay Metal,