Friday Favorites (11/13)

Friday Favorites

Written By Miranda

This week my Friday Favorites are my favorite lofi beats to relax to in honor of finals coming up. Be sure to check out these songs and more on WKNC’s Spotify page.

1. this girl by Elijah Who 

No lofi playlist is complete without the addition of Elijah Who, one of the most well known beat makers within the genre. 

2. nagashi by Idealism 

Simple piano melody plus a chill beat plus the sounds of rain make for an interesting track that anyone would love. 

3. Cut My Hair by Mounika 

This lofi song uses a sample from a Cavetown song I love, and it’s perfect for studying and relaxing. 

4. Ms.Prettybooty by The Deli 

Great song from a beat maker, you can find more good vibes on their BandCamp. The Deli’s albums, especially “Encounters” are incredibly well-produced works. 

5. she only likes me when i’m drunk by frumhere 

A hazy, chopped-up sample from Shannon Saunders and an addictive beat makes for a classic favorite. 

6. Small Things by softy

A quintessential lofi mini-playlist would not be complete without a track that comes with a piano melody and a good beat.

By Miranda

I am a senior in Political Science at NC State and lover of R&B, rap, international, and electronic.