Top Choice: Locket by Crumb Music Video

Finding a good music video is always a treasure, especially if the song itself is already great. Crumb, the indie rock band known best for their song “Locket,” which was released in 2017, really exceeded expectations with their music video for the hit single. Filled with hidden gems that remind one of a psychedelic I Spy book, it is a fantastic representation of “Locket.” Haoyan of America, a creative development agency famous for their use of 360 cameras, directed and edited the music video.

The video takes place in what looks like a cozy apartment, filled with Lila Ramani (lead vocals and guitar), her bandmates, and other friends. After having a steaming mug of tea, which is presumed to be some sort of hallucinogen, Ramani and the group experience the psychedelic effects. While holding a small glass orb as the “tea” starts to kick in, Ramani notices the world around her starts to change. This is where my absolute favorite part occurs: By using a 360-degree camera to film, the video turns into this awesome flowing, circular impression that leaves you completely fixated. When the 360 camera is not in use, you can see objects around the room melting together and dancing around as the party embraces the trip that they’re experiencing. Another gorgeous part is when we’re able to see Ramani’s silhouette, smoke billowing behind her.

The camera cuts to other random oddities as well, such as the chopping up of a plastic dinosaur and the petting of a friendly cat. There is an endless amount of things to notice. It’s the kind of music video you would have to watch over and over again to truly be able to appreciate all it has to offer. I’m not usually the type of person to watch music videos really at all, but I truly believe that this one only enhances the song and shows how creative Crumb is as a band. If you’re interested in watching, which I highly recommend doing, here’s the video just for you!

– DJ Butter

By toad maiden

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