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DJ Casserole’s Top Albums of 2017 (So Far)

Mid-Year Music: Best of 2017 Thus Far by DJ Casserole

Though 2017 has had its ups and downs, the music this wild year has brought us is some of the best.

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Yours Conditionally – Tennis

  • Tennis is comprised of a husband-and-wife duo that takes to the sea for months to write their music. Each time, they emerge with something comfortable and warm. This album makes me want to live by the sea and fall in love with a fisher.

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DAMN. – Kendrick Lamar

  • Arguably one of the most talented artists of our generation, Kendrick Lamar weaves together complex, poignant storytelling with powerful anthems.

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Gone Now – Bleachers

  • “Gone Now” was produced in Jack Antonoff’s bedroom in New Jersey, which is exactly where I feel like I am when I listen to this album. His sophomore album is more experimental and vulnerable, yet still keeps its pop charm.

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Melodrama – Lorde

  • Lorde’s first heartbreak is the backbone of this album, revealing a sadness that a person of any age can relate to. Since the release of her first album, “Pure Heroine”, she has matured as an artist and a person, but still does not lose the sense of adventure PH possessed.

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Burgeoning – RGB

  • Between the French cooing of vocalist Laura Vetil and RGB’s smart and gentle samples, this album feels like wading through the shallow waters of your life.

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Rocket – (Sandy) Alex G

  • Under his new name, (Sandy) Alex G draws inspiration from twangy, classic country… until the track, “Brick”, in which I have the sudden urge to set buildings aflame.

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No Shape – Perfume Genius

  • Perfume Genius is one of my favorite LGBT artists, and with this album, he opens up about the strange and unprecedented world of post-recovery and contentment, “I’m here, how weird”.

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I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone – Chastity Belt

  • Chastity Belt’s most cynical album is a stark contrast from hit tracks like “Cool Slut” and “Seattle Party”. Rather, this album focuses on the dark reaches of depression, a headspace that was only hinted at in previous works.

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A Hairshirt of Purpose – Pile

  • I wear my Pile t-shirt so much it has collected quite a few stains, but for good reason. The band never disappoints, especially when creating the perfect balance of singer-songwriter and post-hardcore.

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Apocalipstick – Cherry Glazerr

  • This album simply demands to be listened to, covering topics every young person is concerned about, from everyday life to the doom of the planet, all wrapped up with powerful guitar and vocals.

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Locket – Crumb

  • This is a four song EP I wished I had more of. Soft and smooth, “Locket” feels like hugging my best friend.

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Thelma – Thelma

  • Ever since seeing Thelma perform live, I became obsessed. The band is named after the late grandmother of lead singer and guitarist Natasha Jacobs, who she lovingly describes on the track with the same name. Jacobs’ voice literally sounds like a dream.

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Powerplant – Girlpool

  • The duo adds percussion to their latest album, but it is still recognizable and as uniquely Girlpool. Yearning vocals and punctual guitar and bass intertwine.

Concert Preview Local Music

Local Beer Local Band, March 10

This Thursday,New Raleigh, WKNC, and Tir Na nOg form into the trinity of awesomeness to bring you The Loners, The Huguenots, and Special Guests.

I have never NEVER been disappointed by a Loners show. Rock Duo. Plain and simple. "The Loners have a unique history in the Raleigh music scene.  They can be considered the diamond in the rough (the rough being the closing of Kings Barcade in downtown Raleigh in the spring of 2007).  After reuniting to play the last show at Kings, the band decided to stay together because of the outpouring of support they receive from the show. “ – B Berry of WKNC

The Huguenots are "invitingly familiar, as warm and fuzzy as your favorite sweater or treasured vinyl crackling underneath a needle’s touch. Part of that familiarity comes from the band’s thirst for short, accessible, guitar-driven gems—the 3.5-minute pop song, naturally. The band’s quick bursts of energy give it plenty of charm. They’ve got tightly coiled energy to offer, too: A little like big city bands The Strokes and The Libertines, The Huguenots’ spring-loaded riffs and artful come-ons translate into well-played, sonic sloppiness that turns those pop sing-alongs into would-be riots.” —Kathy Justice of Independent Weekly

Also at the pub this Thursday is the brewer series. Held every Thursday, the Tir Na nOg Brewer Series features great  North Carolina craft beer, authentic music from the Triangle, and highlights other local businesses that makes Raleigh unique!

This month we’ve got Aviator Brewing Company to join us, along with Crumb Bakeryy, and there will be shirts from Apheele Creations.   Aviator will be releasing their Belgium Saison.  YUM.

WKNC and Tir Na nOg are happy to bring you this FREE, 21 and up event.  Meet the brewers at 9 p.m.  Music starts at 10 p.m.  Grab yourself a tasty local brew (they’re on special!) and enjoy some local live music.