Top Choice: Nardwuar Interviews

Written By Miranda Owen

Nardwuar is a YouTube personality known for his podcasts, radio show, and interviews of celebrities and musicians. He interviews a huge variety of people including many genres of artists and the interviews are always entertaining to watch. In this article I’ve highlighted my very favorite Nardwuar interviews with a little description of why I enjoy them. 

Nardwuar vs. CHAI 

I discussed my love for Japanese girl-band CHAI in my article on Japanese musicians, so I was excited to see this interview. The girls of CHAI showed up in cute matching outfits and dished on Peach Kelli Pop, their favorite foods to eat on tour, and their favorite musicians including the Beastie Boys and N.E.R.D. The band has a high energy sure to serve as a pick me up when you watch. 

Nardwuar vs. Eric Andre 

Not technically an interview of a musician, but this list wouldn’t be complete without it. Both Eric Andre and Nardwuar have bizarre personas and are experienced in leading interviews (if you’ve ever seen Eric Andre’s show, you’ll know what I mean). The two duke it out in a contest of weirdness that’s entertaining, if not edging on uncomfortable, to watch. 

Nardwuar vs. Kendrick Lamar 

This interview is now almost a decade old and shows young Kendrick Lamar being shocked at all the research Nardwuar has done about him. Kendrick’s reactions are insanely funny, but the interview also gives fans glimpses of his childhood and early career. 

Nardwuar vs. Rich Brian 

I love this interview because not only is Brian Imanuel/Rich Brian my favorite Indonesian artist, he’s one of the best and most talented members of the label 88rising. This interview is great because fans get a deeper understanding of the artist’s upbringing and life in Indonesia. Watching this interview made me love Rich Brian even more. 

Nardwuar vs. Soccer Mommy

A wholesome interview featuring the best girl, Sophie from Soccer Mommy. This interview is one of the cutest of Nardwuar’s recent ones and I love learning more about Soccer Mommy and front-woman Sophie Allison.


By Miranda

I am a senior in Political Science at NC State and lover of R&B, rap, international, and electronic.