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EP Review: “Made in Heaven” Cecile Believe

Best Tracks: Living My Life Over, Pick Up The Phone, 7PM, Already Come

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Cecile Believe dropped the 9 song-long EP, “Made in Heaven,” this May as her debut EP under the name “Cecile Believe.” Caila Thompson-Hannant– AKA Cecile Believe– previously released music under the name Mozart’s Sister, where she released 2 full length albums “Field of Love” and “Being” both with a strong dance-pop sound. “Made in Heaven” is SO different from Mozart’s Sister’s previous work. 

“Made in Heaven” has a much deeper, more morose and sophisticated production and sound. There are clear dream pop and PC music influences, but also something kind of slow and haunted. Her vocals and sound remind me a bit of Hannah Diamond and Caroline Polachek. Both her and Caroline share the wide range of vocals and both love to showcase their talent in their songs. Cecile Believe definitely does that here. The song “Made in Heaven” reminds me a lot of Caroline’s “Ocean of Tears” with their vocals and similar driving synth and beat.  

The EP ranges from all different genres and sounds. “Living My Life Over,” “Pick up the Phone,” and “7PM” ~all my favorites :-)~ have a strong dance pop beat along with Cecile’s ethereal vocals. On the other hand, the EP features BEAUTIFUL instrumentals like “Yellowjacket” and “7PM (Accretion Disk Edit)” that sound almost like ASMR and remind me a bit of SOPHIE’s bubble popping sounds. The last song on the EP, “Already Come” is completely acoustic, really showcasing her vocals along with her beautiful and simple lyrics. 

Overall, I’m really excited to see what’s coming next for Cecile Believe. Her newest remix to TOPS’ “Colder and Closer” is one of my favorites right now and also something I’d recommend. I hope there’s more to come soon and that maybe we’ll see a Caroline Polachek x Cecile Believe collab somewhere in the future ~fingers crossed~ !!!

Hope you guys listen and enjoy,


Gab <3