Coffee Shop Date


  1. € € € €^^%%!!!!!heaven!!!!!! by Lala Lala and Baths

  2. Golden Girls by Devendra Banhart 

  3. Pines by Men I Trust 

  4. Coffee by beabadoobee

  5. Ivy by Frank Ocean 

  6. Stay Tru by Mereba 

  7. Sea of Love by Cat Power 

  8. Teddy Bear Rises by OOHYO

  9. Clouds by Hiroshi Yoshimura 

  10. Bella’s Lullaby by Michele Garruti 

  11. À tout à l’heure by Bibio 

  12. You Might Be Sleeping by Jakob Ogawa and Clairo 

  13. Something Wild by Radiator Hospital 

  14. Getting It On by SALES 

  15. Ghostride by Crumb

  16. The Moon Song by beabadoobee and Oscar Lang 

  17. Love Song by Devendra Banhart 

What kind of songs inspire romance? Which songs allow the listener to absorb the kind of soothing mood only a date at a cozy café? These are the questions which inspired the playlist, and successfully carried it out. This playlist is perfect for a quiet evening or a first date. Artists like Devendra Banhart and beabadoobee bring quiet melodies with subtle, romantic lyricism perfect for this mood. Check out this playlist here

– Miranda

By Miranda

I am a senior in Political Science at NC State and lover of R&B, rap, international, and electronic.