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Black Lives Matter and Police Reform Podcasts Part 2

In the face of the continued push toward police reform based on further violence against the Black community by law enforcement officers, it is important we are all continuing to educate ourselves about the issues and how we can advocate for others. In July I published a blog post with a list of podcasts that are great educational resources, and I wanted to create a continuation including more great podcasts I’ve discovered since. I hope you check these out and enjoy them. 

Radical Imagination

This show, hosted by Angela Glover Blackwell, consists of “stories and solutions that are fueling change.” The podcast covers a wide variety of interesting and important topics but especially relating to the movement is episodes like “Police Abolition” and “Reparations” which focus on police misconduct and the possibility of reparations for Black Americans. 

Code Switch by NPR 

A podcast all about race and racism and how these impact society. It’s also hosted by journalists of color. I recommend “Why Now, White People?” and “Anger: The Black Woman’s ‘Superpower’”, both episodes are really well-done. All in all this is a great podcast to dive into racial issues, politics, and culture. 

What’s Left

This podcast focuses on political theory, philosophy, and current events from a typically left perspective, but is well-rounded in terms of its partisanship. I recommend the episodes “Abolish the Police” and “Police Brutality & State Violence.” 

Stay In Your Lane: The Podcast 

This podcast focuses on a different perspective, giving conversational-style entertainment about news and pop culture from the perspective of Black British women. 

These podcasts are available on Spotify and other podcast platforms. Happy listening! 

– Miranda 

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