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Bitchcraft Album Review

My favorites: Nothin’ But Net, Blue Jeans and Dinner Clothes, Bilbo’s Oboe 

Listen if you like: of Montreal, Aphex Twin, Miniature Tigers 

There are so many hidden gems in music out there, undiscovered until people just like you check them out! This week I’m reviewing on of my all-time favorite albums by the incredibly elusive band/project, Spooky. This album was a two-month project released in 2011 by band members of Miniature Tigers, Alvin Band, and Algernon (bands I also really recommend checking out for their indescribable styles). “Bitchcraft” is a short 6-song album tagged under the “hip-hop/rap” genre but to me fits better under the “experimental indie” label. The production of the album is quite detailed and features a variety of soundbites merged into intricate melodies. To top it off, the collaboration adds spectacular vocals, in some cases altered to add to the esoteric, psychedelic experience that the album provides. 

I first discovered the album, “Bitchcraft”, while I was a teenager based on a friend’s recommendation and have been absolutely in love with it ever since. I remember lying on my bed listening to it for the first time and immediately being taken through an emotional journey. Every few months I remember how much I like the album and play through the whole thing, and I feel this way about very few albums; “Bitchcraft” is definitely a special one. I have yet to find someone else who has heard of the album or listened to it so I wanted to make sure to share it with the WKNC blog so more people can enjoy it. 

The project members released four mini-movie teasers and two promos that go along with the album on Youtube. The videos are strange, esoteric, and plain weird but definitely fit within the world the musicians created in the album. Unfortunately, the project never garnered enough interest for them to continue making related content, but regardless what they did produce is absolutely worth a listen. 

You can listen to the album on Bandcamp and check out their video teasers on YouTube

– Miranda

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