New Album Review

EP Review: “Devotion”- Planet 1999

Best Tracks: Spell, Party, Replay, Devotion 

FCC Clean 

I first found Planet 1999 on Caroline Polachek’s “IF U PLZ” Spotify playlist (also highly recommend this) with their single “Spell” in 2019. Planet 1999 is the first band to sign with PC Music and is often known for their ‘90s dream-pop sound. You may have also heard of them through Charli XCX– the band co-wrote and co-produced “February 2017” on album “Charli” with artists Yaeji and Clairo. This year, they finally came out with a full EP of their own- “Devotion.” 

“Devotion” is seven songs long and goes between melancholy and shoegaze-y songs like “Spell” and “Haze,” to upbeat, party songs like “Party” and “Replay.” This EP is SO pretty. The ethereal vocals and tonality remind me a lot of the Cocteau Twins, with their difficult-to-understand lyrics and ‘90s shoegaze sound. You can’t help but hum along and pretend you know the words :p

This EP is clearly very different from the typical Hannah Diamond, A. G. Cook, Charli XCX sound that PC Music is known for. It’s a lot more indie and dream-pop. I love this EP and am very curious to see more of the clear changes happening within PC Music. Even A.G. Cook just put out acoustic songs on his new 49 song album “7G”– who would have thought! Some of my personal favorites from the EP are “Spell,” “Party,” “Replay,” and “Devotion.” 

I highly recommend you check out the EP as well as their new singles– one of my favorites being “This Is For Me [baby blue] – Planet 1999 remix.”