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Becoming a WKNC DJ


Before I took the WKNC DJ training course I was a little nervous about the term ‘DJ’. I didn’t know much about being a DJ and I was pretty new to the local music scene, I wondered if I was ready to take on DJ training. I’m writing this for anyone who might be wondering the same thing, or is just curious about what the WKNC training course is all about.

Two and a half years ago I took my shot and went to the station to see what it was like, and if I was a good fit for me. As soon as I walked in I knew I had found something special on campus. Everyone was really cool and chill, the vibe was positive and relaxing, and when I asked if there was anything I could do to get involved I was given some options about how I could connect and work with the station.

I was given the opportunity to review music for the station. I went in about once a week to pick up a new album and give back the ones I had reviewed. A few months later I started the DJ training course in the summer. 

I went to the interest meeting (flyer above, link below) and realized that it wasn’t as nerve wrecking as it seemed. I learned that just about anyone with a love for music, video, audio, and writing could find a place at WKNC. If you vibe with the station, agree with the mission, and are inclusive and friendly yourself, WKNC could be for you. We do our work professionally, but it’s certainly not a scary place. The training course is there to teach future DJs how we operate and give insight into what being apart of WKNC is like. 

My advice, if you are interested, is to go to the meeting and learn about all the different ways you can get connected. If you go to the interest meeting you can learn more about what the station does and see if it’s right for you.

My time at WKNC was my favorite part of my college experience, and I know it will be special for many future DJs too.

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