Friday Favorites (7/24)

This week, my Friday Favorites are made up of some of the best new releases I’ve recently found within a variety of genres. 


This single was just released by MICHELLE: a band composed of six 21-year-olds from New York. The track is catchy, bouncy and has the perfect vibe for a summer afternoon. The vocals remind me of UMI or another great indie artist, and I definitely recommend giving it a listen. 

Don’t Be Mad At Me (ft. Freddie Gibbs, Snoop Dogg) – Problem

This song is definitely a summer hit to me – I love seeing artists I’ve known for a while start collaborating with bigger artists and getting more recognition. I recommend this song if you like rap, especially artists like Tyga or DaBaby. It’s super catchy and the verses are well done. 

Cookie Chips (ft. MF DOOM, Cam O’bi) – Rejjie Snow 

This song perfectly mixes rap and R&B verses with a dreamy, complex melody and a hook that doesn’t leave your mind. It’s a really beautiful song and features some artists I really love. I highly recommend this song in particular. 

Spit You Out – Cults 

The music Cults produce has undergone significant changes since their breakout album, Cults. Many of the new songs, including this new single, reflect deeper instrumentation and richer lyricism. This is a great song, listen if you enjoy artists like Sleigh Bells or Tennis. 

Radio Shack – Vulfpeck

Adding into Vulfpeck’s groovy discography comes their new EP, featuring Radio Shack, a funky instrumental track that will have you bobbing your head and putting it on repeat. This band is really cool because they actually sold out Madison Square Garden without a top record label or manager. 

You can check out this week’s Favorites as well as all songs from previous weeks on Spotify. Enjoy!

– Miranda

By Miranda

I am a senior in Political Science at NC State and lover of R&B, rap, international, and electronic.