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As I said before, a part of the reason I started doing Musica de Indie was to get closer to the Spanish language since I’m trying to learn right now. So I just wanted to give another little tip that I found useful, find artists you like and follow them online. The more you read, write, and listen to the language the easier it gets~ And the music is amazing, so it’s a win win. This week on Música de Indie we’re talking about…

  • Yemayá by Mexican Institute Of Sound – This track has more of an ‘indie electronic’ vibe to it. There are more layers of background instruments including more electric guitars and synths. The vocals blend amazing with the music. This track became an instant favorite of mine. The hook ‘Ye-ma-yá carino’ really highlights the extremely catchy track and makes it irresistible.

  • Volcanes by Pilar Cabrera, Ceci Juno, Juliana Velasquez- Juliana and Ceci work the vocals on this track. The track uses volcanoes as a metaphor for understanding the strength of humans and our vulnerability. We learn to take breathes even through the ashes, but sometimes we explode. This track is a very slow and soothing one, with an acoustic guitar taking lead. The swap of vocals between the two women adds a ‘back and forth’ dialogue sound. The singing is carefully paced, and when it picks up in the chorus it’s hard not to sing along.

  • Entre Mis Venas by Ceci Juno – The title translates to ‘Between my veins’, and in the track the artist talks about ‘carrying songs for every flag’ and keeping ‘postcards for each moment’. The artist brings up themes of embracing her culture and that of others. She also talks about being a ‘non-conforming’ artist, and expresses her thoughts that not everyone has the same luck in life. She is one of the singers from the above track and her work is just as amazing as that collaborative piece.

Thanks for tuning in to Música de Indie today, what are your favorite songs from the last two weeks?

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