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‘I’m DJ Psyched and you’re reading 2k Indie online. In this show I highlight new Indie releases from the last few weeks or so. This week we’re starting the segment off with Period by J.P. Plains, the track comes from the artist’s newest EP. I was Psyched about it’s release, so be sure to keep it locked as we explore some new Indie today.’

  • Period by J.P. Plains – I’ve been a huge fan of this artist for a year now and his releases never fail to end up on 2k Indie because of his phenomenal songwriting skills. This track is a heartbroken track about a complicated relationship. The first thing that stuck out to me was his vocals. The artist usually has a bit more effects on the vocals but this track feels really laid back and minimal. The guitars are soft, the drums are a slow steady pace, and the clean-electric guitar that comes into the hook picks up the sound but maintains this minimal sound. It is thoroughly enjoyable and exciting to hear the artist play around with a different style from the previous record and singles. The four track EP this track comes from definitely shows growth and change in the artist.

  • Emotional Rent Control Cheekface – This track reminds me of the front bottoms in an interesting way, but it’s also really unique in its own mix of elements. The ‘talk singing’ portions make it a really fun tune that sounds like a speech, and the song is definitely a statement piece. The rock influence makes it catchy as well, especially with its chorus. This is one that takes a good few listens to hear everything being said, and it’s worth it.

  • Dead and Gone by Lanie Rose – I fell in love with this song at first listen. The artist’s voice is so smooth and has a beautiful timbre. The hook is instantly mesmerizing and digs deep into the heart of the listener. Starting the song with ‘sometimes in this world I feel unseen’ really sets the tone for the powerful message the artist is putting across. He talks of wanting to be ‘held close’ before he’s ‘dead and gone’, and says ‘I’m done giving up now’. He just wants to see love and change in the world while he’s around to enjoy it, it’s a beautiful track and I highly recommend giving it a few spins.

‘Those were the top tracks of 2k Indie Online for the week, if you have any requests for next week please let me know. Keep it locked because there’s more to come’

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