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Artist Highlight: Neon Dreams


After hearing the artists newest single ‘Sick of Feeling Useless’, released May 7th, I decided to look into the artists a bit more. I absolutely loved the anthem styled tune and it’s message. It seemed to me that this duo is full of heart and on a mission to spread truth and shed light on what it feels like to live in the modern world. It only took a quick visit to the artists Facebook page to see that that is definitely the kind of artists they are. 

The artist’s music can be described as blending elements of pop, rock, and hip hop. The theme of the music, as stated by the artists, is ‘I’m gonna do my best to make music for people to heal to’. The duo, from Nova Scotia, had a change of heart a few years ago on the kind of music they wanted to create. This was following a life changing retreat Kadillace went on, after which he said ‘they helped me understand who I am’. The singer, Frank Kadillac, said he didn’t want to make music that just made people feel sad or worse, so he decided to change the style and use his music to try and help people instead. Kadillac said music was an outlet he always used for healing, and it makes him feel good when people reach out and let them know that their music is having the same effect on them as it had on him.

You can definitely hear this in the track I mentioned above. The headbanging chorus ‘Sick of feeling useless’ is simple, but punches right in the relatable feelings. Anyone who relates to the sentiment will likely enjoy the artists other similarly themed music.

The duo is really rising right now, as their most recent album landed them a Juno nomination for Breakout Group of the Year. The artist also had their cinematic debut with the track ‘Shape of My Mind’ which played in the opening scene of the movie Dangerous Lies. The artist has also been featured in Spin magazine and is continuing to grow in popularity. I can’t wait to see what they come out with next.

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