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‘I’m DJ Psyched and you’re reading 2k Indie online. In this show I highlight new Indie releases from the last few weeks or so. This week we’re starting the segment off with Black Dog by Arlo Parks. This track blew me away from first listen, so be sure to keep it locked as we explore some new Indie today.’

  • Black Dog by Arlo Parks – As I was saying, this track absolutely blew me away at first listen and it only got better and better upon each new listen. The artists mesmerizing vocals were definitely the first thing I noticed upon listening to the track, but upon further evaluation, I found that the meaning behind the track was also incredibly powerful. The track is about mental health and what it feels like to experience feelings of depression, and it’s done incredibly well. The lyrics seem to be reflecting both the person with these feelings thoughts and the thoughts of those close to them ‘I would do anything to get you out your room.’ The guitars are steady enough to keep the track softly flowing, and the drums’ upbeat mood contrasts in a way that makes this track one that’s easy to move along to, but also hold the mood of a more serious and mellow track. The artist’s track was named ‘tune of the week’ by BBCR1 and I couldn’t agree more. ‘This is an incredible moment for vulnerable music’ the artist said in a recent tweet ‘I’ve always put a piece of myself into songs which can be terrifying but to be given this platform and recognition is encouraging me to keep on doing so’. I for one can’t wait to hear more.

  • House by Baba Ali – This is another track that blew me away at first listen for its uniqueness. The song has a sound that is a bit hard to define. It’s genre bending roots feel like a cross between Pop, Funk, Dance and alternative/ indie. The bass is groovy and keeps the track feeling alive, fresh, and keeps my head bopping along. The track, from the EP ‘This House’, talks about what it feels like to be in a house that is not a home, because of how economic struggles can provide stressors and barriers to a smooth home life. This comes from the hands of ‘this rat race’, as the artist put it. ‘They keep cuttin’ the lights out, And everybody’s getting priced out, If it goes up anymore they won’t be anywhere where to go’. The track is easy to listen to because of it’s catchy chorus and instruments, but again, the meaning behind it digs deep in a very real and beautifully said way.

‘It’s funky with a hardened edge. It’s urgent and it’s fed up. I remember writing the lyrics on a roll of receipt paper at the end of a long bar shift staring out at a crowd of drunkards.” the artist said in an article by Elicit Magazine. 

It is important to support black creators and let their voices be heard. Baba Ali’s Band Camp notes under the track ‘House’ that ‘100% of proceeds from sales will go to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund.  Be sure to check it out, I highly recommend.

Baba Ali’s Bandcamp 

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