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Arrested Youth & the Quarentiners


‘Arrested Youth & the Quarantiners’ is the second EP from the artist Arrested Youth. This collection of tracks is incredibly unique since the artist let his fans help with the writing process, even providing some of the backing vocals. He also stated that this was his first time producing his own music. The five track collection will also be followed with music videos for each track and will also feature fans that helped with its creative process. Arrested Youth will also be donating the money from the album’s streams to a charity, and once again the choice of which will be up to his fans.

In an Instagram post the musician talks about how being an artist can sometimes be too centered on who’s the most relevant and ‘who’s got more hype’. He actively speaks against this ‘fame’ mindset in all of his music, and this creative way of making the album was his way of getting his fans more involved in the process, allowing them to feel an even more personal connection to the message. ‘as i continue this project, my mindset continues to shift away from all that. i enjoy building this creative community that cares about quality over quantity.’ he says. He also gave credit to each and every person who helped create the album. 

He ends his message by adding’ i’m proud to be an artist today, and i’m proud of our fan base for coming together to write this great album. congratulations my friends.’I’ve been a fan of the artist for a while because of his ‘nonconformity’ mindset and his views on valuing art over clout, and this EP lives up to that message fully.

The EP has a very upbeat and sing-a-long type sound. As always the artist hooks us in with incredibly catchy and chant-able choruses, while also dropping relatable and thought provoking versus along the way.

The first track ‘Castaway’ focuses on the uncertainty in life right, a common theme in the EP, and not letting those feelings stop your dreams and living the way you want (even if it’s not the life we were taught to live). ‘Jumping Ship’ is a track that uses a metaphor to symbolize changing your mind a lot, and again, being uncertain. He also talks about the highs and lows of life, how one day we can be doing amazing and the next not so well. ‘Corone’ is all about the state of the world right now, making direct references to toilet paper hoarding and staying home. It expresses how faith is important right now and explains how people are coping. He also spins things to a bright side saying ‘if a change could ever happen, this is perfect timing’. The track becomes a power anthem, telling us that through all the hard and weird times we can still spin this around to make us better after the fact. 

On another note, ‘Hanging Posters’ is about losing friends, and how indifferent it feels to move on from those who are insincere. ‘Coraline’ serves as a summary of all of this, leaving the collection in a state that keeps us thinking and curious.

When he announced the release of this EP he almost mentioned that Sobville Part II will be out later this summer, and I couldn’t be more excited for it. Oh, and there’s also a full length album coming in the fall.

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